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  1. Many thanks for your very prompt reply - greatly appreciated - thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, does anyone know how to comment out or remove the word "Information" from the footer area? Many thanks
  3. Many thanks for your help Fabrice - it must have been some sort of browser caching issue from the ISP, cleared all cache's many times yesterday and it made no difference. You are right tho - it all works fine today - thanks again for your time very much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I hope someone can help, My clients site was working well up to October 31st - then email started to arrive from potential customers saying they could not Register on the site. When I checked things the Registration Button and Check Out button just don't work anymore. You can fill in the page data and the recaptcha works but the button doesn't trigger any action. You can try it on below link https://www.booksonsinging.com/shop-6/register.html In an attempt to fix things I upgraded site to latest version 6.2.2 but it has made no difference to the Registration or Checkout - they still dont work. Any help appreciated - it seems strange it should stop all of a sudden - no changes were made in admin or by ftp that may have stopped things working. Many Thanks
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