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  1. Dear bsmither! Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I am fairly new to development, not quite understand what they write. I can not decide which one would be good for me. Here, the customer must be exactly the quantity you want to enter. (Eg. 2.1 kg of meat) And I would like to specify how much of the system is 10 ounces of a given product. From this data, the system is to be calculated on the total amount that is listed on the bill as well. Can you give me detailed instructions to write? Thanks! Brashbeat
  2. Hello everyone! I want to do an amendment on the site, so that when the customer would like to buy the site, you can specify the exact amount you want to buy. For example: I want to buy 2.3 kg of meat. (And I want this quantity will put it in the basket) It is a meat 10dkg 30 forints So, 230 x 30 = 6900 Huf This is the total price It would help anyone possibly do that? It would be important! Pls reply Thank you!
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