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  1. That's a great idea about removing the Buy Buttons! I may have to look into that. Thank you!! I also put a paragraph in my Product Info site doc. Antiques Vintage and Older Items Due to the nature of antique, vintage and older items you will find conditions you will not find with purchased new items. Scratches, scuffs, different colored patina, surface rust and small dents are some blemishes common in older items due to age and use. With paper items you may also see scuffs, small tears or nicks, age tanning, and creasing. We feel these factors add to the charm and character of our older items. Therefore, we may not state every blemish in the listing, just what we deem to be excessive. Please study the photos carefully as they are as much a description of an item as the wording.
  2. This is my new store with a new design. https://www.nestofmemories.com/ I have intergrated my eBay and Etsy listings. If I have an item listed on eBay or Etsy I can still show the item in the store, but the store listing, on the category and product pages, shows the item is not available for purchase thru the store and on the product page there is a link to eBay or Etsy and special wording where the add to basket button was. ex. Category Page: https://www.nestofmemories.com/coke-bottles-and-jugs-empty.html Product Page: https://www.nestofmemories.com/3-vintage-coca-cola-coke-fountain-syrup-thumb-handle-gallon-jug.html I sell alot of vintage items so I mostly have just one of an item and I add new items on a regular basis. With the help of Daren Clarke's (SemperFeWebServices) Custom Order Display mod, say for a toy and games category, I can list all the toy vehicles together, all the Fisher Price together, and the games together, etc. and leave room for more items. I also use Daren's Vertical Navigation Box plugin since I will end up having too many categories for the dropdown menu bar that comes with CubeCart. Daren's Automated Social Media Post plugin makes it VERY easy to add items to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can even choose which Pinterest board to add an item too. With Brian Smithers help (well he did it all) I have previous next buttons on my product pages so a customer can just go from one product to the next without having to go back to the category. I like it because it makes adding a product to my Google Plus page so easy while I'm setting up the new store category by category. Because my items vary in size and weight, and each country has its own rules about shipping, I use the All in One Shipping plugin and have it setup to just ship to the United States and its territories. I will ship internationally so I have implemented Daren's Ask About a Product plugin and added fields for international shipping quotes. Now an international customer can send me an email requesting a shipping quote and the email will show the address and item. Daren Clarke of SemperFi Web Services and Brian Smithers are the most patient people in the world! They will help you and help you without complaint. There has been plenty of times I wanted to smack myself or tell myself off, and they probably felt the same way a few times, but they are always professional and ready to help. I cannot thank them enough. Well, let me know what you think of the new store, good and bad. I appreciate all comments Claudia
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