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  1. Upgraded to 6.2.4 and there seems to be an issue with the main product image not loading until the page is refreshed after the pages initial load with no image. Anyone else experiencing this or maybe some tips on some type of solution? Thanks in Advance, Mattthew
  2. Thanks so much Al...I was sweating it!! Lol Rockin' Job! Thanks. Matthew
  3. Ah ok, I put in a ticket yesterday about 4:15pm their time and haven't heard anything... Thanks, Matthew
  4. Hi, Was wondering what the average turn around time was on paid support on critical store down issues? Thanks, Matthew
  5. Hi, A customer actually brought this to my attention... When you are NOT logged in to a customer account and you add something to the cart...you are given two options: SECURE CHECKOUT and VIEW CART BUT, when you are LOGGED IN to a customer account and add something to the cart...there is no VIEW CART button...only a SECURE CHECKOUT button... A VIEW CART button here for logged in customers would be great so they can have the option of adding quantity changes to a product without fully going to the check out area... Any ideas on this or maybe a fix? Thanks, Matthew
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