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  1. I would like to tweek my emails and center the Logo in my communication with my customers from the Sale Management emails to the Newsletters. Can someone direct me how to do such a thing? Thanks in advance! Matthew
  2. Hi, Has anyone been using the Square Payment Extension and had issues with the Google Pay, Apply Pay & MasterPass not showing on the checkout page? If so, how can this be fixed or remedied? Thanks in advance, Matthew
  3. Ah thanks so much.... That worked like a charm! :) Matthew
  4. My apologies, I think it was Butter that fixed the category section during a forum post, but I can't find the feed... What does this do or mean in the content.category.php template on lines 162-164? {* Uncomment this if you want to show a more info link <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}" class="button tiny secondary left">{$LANG.common.info}</a> *} Can doing something with this make it happen? Thanks, Matthew
  5. Thanks bsmither.... Cool...that works... Ah, I just saw your category template in your fix it message.....I remember you had a fix for the older version of CC that you gave...will that still work on v6.2.9? And, how to change info to "Details" or "More Info" Thanks so much! Matthew
  6. Hi, Upgraded to the 6.2.9 CC and the Square payment Extension. Great job Guys! Question... How to change the Add to Basket terminology and effects on the main page and category pages...as multiple size choices are offered for an individual product: I kept copies of the category and main pages before the upgrade like I used to do and they worked great on the older versions of CC, but it totally messes with the layout when I use them now. So, how to change the button to read: "Details" or "More Info" and lose the following error statement when you click from the main or cate
  7. Upgraded to 6.2.4 and there seems to be an issue with the main product image not loading until the page is refreshed after the pages initial load with no image. Anyone else experiencing this or maybe some tips on some type of solution? Thanks in Advance, Mattthew
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