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  1. Upgraded to 6.2.4 and there seems to be an issue with the main product image not loading until the page is refreshed after the pages initial load with no image. Anyone else experiencing this or maybe some tips on some type of solution? Thanks in Advance, Mattthew
  2. Thanks so much Al...I was sweating it!! Lol Rockin' Job! Thanks. Matthew
  3. Ah ok, I put in a ticket yesterday about 4:15pm their time and haven't heard anything... Thanks, Matthew
  4. Hi, Was wondering what the average turn around time was on paid support on critical store down issues? Thanks, Matthew
  5. Hi, A customer actually brought this to my attention... When you are NOT logged in to a customer account and you add something to the cart...you are given two options: SECURE CHECKOUT and VIEW CART BUT, when you are LOGGED IN to a customer account and add something to the cart...there is no VIEW CART button...only a SECURE CHECKOUT button... A VIEW CART button here for logged in customers would be great so they can have the option of adding quantity changes to a product without fully going to the check out area... Any ideas on this or maybe a fix? Thanks, Matthew
  6. Yes on the content.category.php page": Lines 117-119 <div class="small-8 columns"> <button type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}" class="button small postfix">{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}</button> </div> Lines 176-179 <div class="small-9 columns "> <button type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}" class="button small postfix">{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}</button> <input type="hidden" name="add" value="{$product.product_id}"> </div> OK, to update, the code I changed in both. The two codes are for layout differences in the catalogue> depending on your preference of rows or columns. Thanks!!! Dirty Butter
  7. I put the info on the homepage as suggested. Looks better. On the content.category.php i saw this: Begins at Line 161 {* Uncomment this if you want to show a more info link <a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}" class="button tiny secondary left">{$LANG.common.info}</a> *} How to utilize this? But following the original homepage format that you gave. There are 2 add to baskets. One at Line 118 and one at Line 177...change both of those? Thanks Dirty Butter! Hey Hey! Thanks ayz1...That Worked!!
  8. hey hey...cool, put in the html to the link in the language section and that worked!! Thanks!! You can view it here on my site https://www.aromaworx.com , you have to add something to the cart to see it, but it looks pretty cool... Would like it right justified (under the Promotional code/ gift card area) but hey, can't be picky...lol...OMG. I am loving CC !! Again, Thanks Dirty Butter!!
  9. Ok. Thanks! I put a PayPal logo in the footer and I deleted the "Choose Method of Payment" Is there any way to place an image like the one attached in that location in lieu of the "Choose Method of Payment" text? (but smaller of course)
  10. Hi, Still a rookie with CC, so forgive me if this is posted elsewhere, I searched and couldn't find anything pertaining to it. If there is a post regarding this, please link it to let me know. I am using CC6.1.7 with the PayPal Standard Gateway v1.0.5 (I am also thinking of adding the PayPal Express Checkout option) On the Checkout page it gives you the "Choose Payment Method" text. Currently though there is nothing to choose, and to me this might cause a sense of confusion for the customer. With this being the only option offered there is nothing to choose. Is there a way to eliminate this and add the PayPal Credit Card logo somewhere in lieu of this text? Are their any recommendations on this? Maybe the attached image or does someone here have any recommendations. I think I saw somewhere where you can choose a graphic in the admin area, but if this is so, I can not find it anywhere. Thanks in Advance, Matthew
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