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  1. In India we have a payment gateway called INSTAMOJO. They dont have a plugin for cubecart. I wrote to them & they have replied as below : Hi there,Thank you for writing in.You can find our PHP wrapper here: https://github.com/Instamojo/instamojo-php/Integration documentation is available here: https://docs.instamojo.com/docs/ Unfortunately we don't have a plugin for CUBECART. You will have to use our PHP wrapper and integrate. Can anyone help integrate instamojo payment gateway to cubecart? They have given me the PHP Warpper details and I can give u the AUTH etc.
  2. Thanks so much. Worked like a charm. Now hat specific category only accepts Credit Cards & all other categories accept both payment gateway types. Though, a situation can arise, that a buyer buys 2 products , 1 from each category & this snippet restricts Print_Order_Form in this situation. (This is fine, i dont want to worry about this) Thanks again
  3. a question here. i went to File Manager....documents & edited the original banner slideshow pics & deleted all of them in the "content" tab. Now i want to add a few pics as a slideshow again. How to i do that, i can add multiple pics there, but then now rotate as a slideshow. (they just come one below the other)
  4. Can you adapt this for me ? I have 2 payment options : 1. Print Order Form 2. EBS I have a Category called "Mobile Phones" When someone adds a product from "Mobile Phones" category, i want only EBS payment to show up (as i want them to pay only by credit cards for this category of products)
  5. BTW - can we change this for Foundation as well. All my foundation products are showing up in LATEST ITEMS.
  6. Super. Thanks so much. Works Perfectly !! Now, i can play around & see what suits best. Thanks again.
  7. Am running cc6 with minimaliser skin. This shows 3 products per row. Can I make each item smaller and show 5 or 6 products per row. Else people have to Really scroll a lot more to see more products.
  8. Yes, Payu Money has a payment gateway & i have a merchant account with them also. But i dont know how to integrate it into CC6. I used to use it with magento earlier. (i would like to use this over EBS, as i have better TDR Rates with them)
  9. Thanks. BTW, do you have PayuMoney Payment gateway plugin as well ? i cant seem to get one.
  10. SUPER. PERFECT !! THANKS SO MUCH ! This Worked Perfectly.
  11. I tried this. This option is not there in EBS. See attached pic.
  12. Hi, i have installed EBS payment gateway for my store www.bumpersales.in I have 2 types of payments : 1. EBS 2. Cash On Delivery I want to change the name of EBS to " Pay Online Via Secure Payment Gateway" as some people dont know what EBS is ? Is there a way to do this ?
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