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  1. shipo

    Postage - combination of inc and exc

    thank you - i shall go off and have a look at the weight - cheers - UPDATE - thanks that worked brilliantly - xx
  2. Hi - I have all in 1 shipping and up until now its worked fine however I am launching a new product and I want it to be including postage - i cant see if there is a way of having some products including postage and some excluding postage?
  3. shipo

    Help Needed -

    Thanks Bsmither - I have managed to sort the tab out - after spending 2 hours - the first part is still a mystery to me - think I will have to pay someone to do this for me!!! - thank you for taking the time to help x
  4. shipo

    Help Needed -

    Hi - Easily confused here, and trying to work out a couple of things that I just cant figure out. 1 - I changed the husbands website to cubecart , When I try to find it via www.gravetales.co.uk in the address bar - this comes up Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. - you have to put www.gravetales/ecommerce - how do I get rid of the /ecommerce bit? 2 - I cant get the tab at the top to say Gravetales - it says Primatech Paper - I have been into maintenance and cleared all cache except images and it hasn't made any difference. Really hope someone can help me in plain easy to understand words!! - thanks Shipo