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  1. Hi bsmither, Sorry for lapsus in my reply, I test it with Chrome, not with Opera. I've edited my previous reply. I've already sent Network traffic capture log (NetworkData.xml) from IE's Developer Tools (F12) in my first post. <postData> <mimeType>application/x-www-form-urlencoded</mimeType> <text>username=cubeadmin&amp;password=cubecart&amp;redir=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Fcubecart%2Fadmin.php%3F_g%3Dlogin&amp;login=Log+In&amp;token=8ae426a7bef82af8f532ea2dfe212c71</text> </postData> Attached is file (Chrome.har) with traffic capture from Chrome's Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I) username:cubeadmin password:cubecart redir:http://localhost/cubecart/admin.php?_g=login login:Log In token:8256b0e507b7cf228a50f9d5dce829cb Attached is file Firefox.har) with traffic capture from Firefox's Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I) username=cubeadmin password=cubecart redir=http://localhost/cubecart/admin.php?_g=login login=Log+In token=a61283912056c8a3a27e450f62ef77de I haven't found difference between browsers sending POST data or I missed something. Chrome.har Firefox.har
  2. Problem is that I didn't use back button. Thi message shows every single time I try to login on version 6.0.7. Recap: Up to version 6.0.6 everything works fine in all browsers I've tested with - IE (v 11.0.36), Firefox (v 47.0.1) and Chrome (v 54.0.2840.71). On version 6.0.7 I'm getting that Security Alert message in IE and Chrome for login. In Firefox I can login to Admin Panel and use Basket. From version 6.0.8 I can't login and don't getting any error message in IE and Chrome for login. In Firefox I can login to Admin Panel and use Basket.
  3. I've tested few versions and found that everything works for me up to version 6.0.6. On version 6.0.7 I get Security Alert (scs in att.). From version 6.0.8 I have this strange issue with Admin Panel login and Basket. Attached error_log generated by version 6.0.7 error_log
  4. Absolutely nothing has been written into log file on reported issue. I've intentionally stopped SQL server to check if logging is working for me. Those few entries are from when SQL was not available. error_log
  5. Yes! I'm testing it with XAMPP on Win 8.1. Setup went smooth w/o errors. Just noticed that I also have issue with Basket in store front. I can add that Test Product to basket product is visible in widged, but on View Basket or Checkout i get empty basket with "Your basket is empty." message. Max
  6. Hi, I have same issue with freshly installed CubeCart 6.0.12. Store fornt works just fine but I can't log in to admin panel. According to entries in cubecart_access_log it looks like logins were successful. Tables cubecart_admin_error_log, cubecart_admin_log and cubecart_blocker are empty. Any ideas? Thanks for help! NetworkData.xml cc_cubecart_access_log.xml
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