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  1. Hello is it possible to edit as admin in store front ? - product title [edit] edit is only visible by admin ....
  2. hello I try to show total product in my store i put ({$TOTAL_ENABLED_PRODUCTS}) on template and add in controller.index.php, $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('TOTAL_ENABLED_PRODUCTS',number_format($prod_count)); but only apear number 0 i was nice if i can see how many product i have in each category like category 1 (5) subcat 1 (3) subcat 2 (2) category 2 (10) Total product in the store :15 Thank you
  3. Hi i try to add "stock level " under price in category list (like in product page) i put this code on content.category.php <p>{$LANG.catalogue.stock_level} {$PRODUCT.stock_level}</p> but only "stock : " appear ... i think i need to declare {$PRODUCT.stock_level} somewhere thank you for your help
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