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  1. Pay attention closely... It's fast and doesn't happen every single time. I thought it would stop bugging me but it isn't. Anyone know what causes this? www.cutebykira.com This is what is in my document <ul class="bxslider"> <li><img src="https://www.cutebykira.com/files/Optimized-CBKBANNER4.png?1166846120" title="Original Creator of Cameo Princesses" /></li> <li><img src="https://www.cutebykira.com/files/Optimized-CBKBANNER5.png?1956203274" /></li> <li><img src="https://www.cutebykira.com/files/Optimized-CBKBANNER6__1_.png?635638909" title="www.facebook.com/cutebykira" /></li> </ul>
  2. Right. It was weird! lol That makes sense. I'm wondering if it would be easier for me to try to get the old skin to work with v6? Not sure if you saw the latest part I added about the mod... I might need to post that elsewhere. At least I have a picture of exactly what I'm looking for.
  3. Are there pictures or something in your post? I had to scroll really far down, but i can't see anything. I can make it pink? it sounds like I can, but I can't really no for sure. Do they install the skin for you or do you have to do it yourself? My husband does stuff for me sometimes but he's kind of done now at this point because of all the wasted money and things the last mod guys did to my website. I paid for several mods from them. They were all done as hooks and they told me they would continue to work with newer versions of cubecart.. is that just not true? My husband said someone installed a "backdoor" on my website and we think that is how it got messed up. Not sure who did it or what exactly it was.. but eventually my website just broke completely. I couldn't take any sales on it or access the admin panel.. so we are recovering from that. :/ This is the mod they made for me that I am most concerned about. It was really nice. It allowed users to just click on this image on the 'thank you for your order' page and download their designs.
  4. He says it was for v5 Trying to find better pictures.. this is an error code someone sent me on my facebook page. Still looking. Wish I had a picture of the storefront itself but ican't find one. Just saw how much I paid for this skin and several other mods I bought. Sure wish I could just keep using them. :/ I'm pretty sure it was this theme: http://www.modsindex.com/cubecart-skins/cubecart-5/bc-mobile-premium-cubecart-5-theme/prod_11.html and then he charged me to make it pink.. i realize the link doesn't work, but just in case that helps any.
  5. No, it was much lower than that. my husband could never update my website because all of the stuff they sold me wouldn't work if he tried to upgrade. we finally got to the point where ihad to upgrade. I'm sure I have some screen shots somewhere. Let me look.
  6. I saw in the update notes for the new version that it says if you have a support account they will help you with this. I don't think I have any support credits left from when I bought cubecart a few years ago.. It's my understanding it would cost me 60 a month plus 70 set up fee to get support now? Is this right? Anyhow.. is there a way to get my custom skin that I bought from someone to work with the new version of cubecart and the recaptcha without costing me that much money? Sadly I can't afford 130 dollars right now. My store looks pretty sad right now. It was so pretty before. www.cutebykira.com Oh and the people who I bought the skin from are unresponsive to my emails.
  7. I'm going to try. Trying to figure out where the ftp is. I'd ask my husband but he's at work right now for the next ten days or so. We weren't able to update anything on cubecart after i hired those people to make the skins and some other changes for me. I found the ftp login and link so I'm looking at it. Thank yous much for the help.
  8. www.cutebykira.com I used cube cart champions to do some themes for me and a few things and now everything seems harder to get to.. but I refuse to give them anymore of my money. Does this say what version i am on? Technical Details Script Version 5.2.14 PHP Version 5.3.29 MySQL Version 50621 Image folder size 272.55 MB Download folder size 330.21 MB Max. Upload filesize 10M Browser user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.71 Safari/537.36 Server Software Apache/2.4.10 (FreeBSD) PHP/5.3.29 with Suhosin-Patch I can't remember how to get into ftp.. but we host our own server and our ftp is on there.
  9. I have a custom skin. I'll try to find those files. It's causing me to lose money. I can't remember my old forum login. I don't even know where the skin templates are.. any help would be appreciated. I'm in over my head. Might have to hire some help. :/
  10. Is there a way to disable guest checkout? Every time someone checks out as a guest it doesn't send them their files. I'd prfer to just disable it as I think that would be the easiest option. Thank you, Kira
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