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  1. No, the file did not appear in the /files/ folder at all. I have just been able to upload the .epub file using File Manager in Control Panel. But this does not answer the question about why the CC upload function says success but the file does not appear in the files folder. I would be interested to know of a fix or something for future ease of uploading. The file does seem be staying put in the files folder after several minutes. Thanks for your assistance so far!!
  2. I followed your instructions and the file does not appear on the filemanager database folder. There are two other image files relating to the name, but no .epub file. Other ideas?
  3. When I upload an .epub file to the Downloads section, it says "Upload Successful" - but I cannot find the file I just uploaded. I did hit the Update File List and the list refreshed but the file doe snot appear. I renamed the file to remove all spaces, etc. and shorten it. It is about half the size set for maximum file size. What else might be preventing the uploaded file from appearing in my Downloads folder?
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