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  1. Great stuff, thanks for that Al. Should be able to leave you in peace for a while now..
  2. Hi Al, Thanks for the steer, I've now successfully upgraded the site. I've preserved my customisation with a custom admin skin and a custom front end skin. One glitch is that the upgrade overwrrites the language file, is there any way of stopping that from happening? Other than that, really happy with Cubecart, and will be using it in the future for other deployments. Cheers, Kevin.
  3. Hi Al, Thanks for this - I just took a guess and fixed the problem. The update renamed the admin.php file to add some (security?) characters to the name. I changed the name of that file back to admin.php. I've jsut undone that change and all is working fine now. Is it possible to reneame the file to just admin.php without causing this problem?
  4. Sorry, no support plan, can you give me a steer on how I can look into this? Thanks
  5. I've just upgraded to the latest version of Cubecart and can no longer see the folder heirarchy in the Images tab for any product. The folders & contents can all be seen in File Manager -> Images I've cleared the cache, run the Update File List. i can see the file paths are all there in the table ccirxf_CubeCart_filemanager. Where products already have an image associated, I can see the thumbnail in the Images tab for that product, it's just the folder list that is blank. I've attached screenshots of the Products Images tab and the File Manager -> Images view. Can you help? Thanks.