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  1. correct! thank you for your help, as always. it works correctly now, I have no idea why those records with 'f' in discount were locked... very strange, but i believe it's a bug with Access as usual. Thank you again.
  2. i made a copy of order_summary and named it test, i added the timestamp field, now i have no writing conflicts. So going back to the original question, if i add a timestamp field in order_summary, would that break anything in the shopping cart? Thank you!
  3. I'm just realizing that it's not giving me errors on all records, only on specific ones. so i starting by sorting the table to try to figure out where is it that i get the errors. I'm not sure I'm correct, but seems like I have no issues editing records where the field "discount_type" is null, if the record has an "f" in discount_type i cannot edit What is that field used for? Thank you!
  4. yes, it says I'm trying to save a record that is been saved by another user, copy to clipboard or drop changes. i just copied the order_summary table to another server with the same mysql version and same MySQL NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION, and tried editing a record, it did allow me. So i believe it's a setting on the live server, just can't figure out what. Also noticed that when i link the table to Access, it doesn't ask me for primary key... the error i get is pretty generic of Access DBs, most people say the error will go away if i add a timestamp to the table, which was the origin
  5. i checked and it only says NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION does that mean is off or on? mysql version is 5.6.41
  6. Hello, I'm using an ODBC MySQL connector to get data from cubecart to a front end Access Database. I added 2 custom fields in the order_summary table, i noticed that when i try to edit them I get a write conflict error. The research I did on this error concludes I need to add a timestamp field in order_summary for Access to work correctly. Would adding a timestamp field on that table affect any of the shopping cart functionality? Thank you!
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