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  1. Hey all, i have installed the canada post extension and filled in my merchant ID and originating postal code, then selected various shipping services, added weights to my item's but the canada post calculator isn't appearing in the shopping cart, has anybody else successfully used this extension? i guess the first thing is trying to understand what exactly is my merchant ID? i signed up for canada post, and joined the developer program to get API keys, but i have tried my ID, my api keys, various things, none of then seem to work.
  2. fair enough, you're much much more versed in this than i am, its not working perfect, but as long as i have a workaround that doesn't take much effort (just add weights, which i need anyway) so thats good enough for me
  3. but the rows must exist because the 4 values on the right side can be changed and saved, its just the status and options matrix that doesn't stick. i just also observed it only seems to happen with item sets, if i add them individually it seems to work fine
  4. I am not sure why, but status and option matrix tick boxes wont "stick" after save, unless i change one of the values on the right side, i can change any of the 4, negative tick box, dollar value, absolute tickbox or weight, then the status will tick its self and stick, i can change the value back to 0 or unchecked after its active, but to initially activate it it wont stick.
  5. I got it figured out, for any other dummies like me who have this issue, the solution was to input a price on the options page, then it works as expected.
  6. Hey all, first off thanks for the great product, i tried many other e-commerce options and got overwhelmed and frustrated by each of them until i settled here, it seems like it works well and will suit my needs for a long time. The one issue i am having is the Options Matrix tick box in the options tab on the products is not enabling the matrix settings, i'd like to have stock levels for each option, which from my understanding is very possible, but when i check the tick boxes and click save and reload, its simply not saving the option and updating to the new matrix page... any suggestions?
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