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  1. Hi BSmither, Thank your for your quick and detailed answer. Great fix! Best regards Benjamin
  2. Hi Stevanovich, I think I have the same issue. I noticed that it occurs only when the product description is truncated, as we can see in the attached screen copy: Hope this will help to find a solution. Kind regards Benjamin
  3. Good news! Could you please tell me where to find this file? I am unable to find it
  4. Hi all, My problem is solved now. That was my fault, and had no link with open_basedir or php settings. The mistake I made was to rename the admin_xxxxx.php file into a more convenient name! Renaming this file as it was at install solved the empty file list problem. Thank you for your help and for the good job done on cubecart! Benjamin
  5. Hi Dirty Butter and bsmither, I'm using a commercial host with plesk (12.5.30). I have access to open_basedir settings. cubecart is installed on a subdomain (not on the primary domain). I tried several open_basedir settings without success. I've send the error log to the hosting support... Regards
  6. Hi bsmither, error_log file is attached. Hope it will be solvable. Thanks
  7. Hi Dirty Butter, Thank you for your answer. Even if I manage to upload photos, the Product Listing FileManager box on the Images tab is still empty. If I try to update the file list, an error happens : "file list update impossible" Would you have any idea of what I'm doing wrong? Could the french language pack be an issue? Thanks
  8. Hello and Happy new year! I'm a new user of cubecart. Everything worked fine from installation to paiement methods (paypal + print order... only) but I can't put any image to a product! I already tried to reinstall but the problem remains : loading an image (<500kb) from product/image loads the image, save display the confirmation message, but no image is linked to the product... Thanks for helping me to solve this issue... Regards Benjamin
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