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  1. I appreciate your info but its Greek to me. I delete the two admin items I had in the photo? create a new one? I don't know where to begin uploading from distribution file nor where to find any of it. I think I'm in over my head. uggggh. Should I upgrade to newest version. would that automatically. resolove? feeling lost and defeated.
  2. Thank you, how do I resolve this? what do I do next?
  3. I had tried the UImf5J prior and I didn't have success, I must have had a typo. I just had success upon. trying it again. Thank you so much for your patience and help. I'm in!!!!
  4. I've been scouring my cpanel. I did a search for "admin_". This is what I found. I tried both and still takes me to what looks like my home page. I don't know what to do with this I fo to get to my log in page.
  5. Thanks for your reply! Why would it suddenly be changed? I have not logged into it for a long time, I didn't change anything. I am very unfamiliar with this and trying to reacquaint myself on how to . I did manage to figure out how to get I to my Cpanel and I see the cube cart file but nothing jumps out with 'admin' as far as an admin____php. Under the Admin folder im not seeing a php file. Where would I look to find this admin_{something}.php? Sorry for my ignorance, its like I'm starting from scratch as far as knowing what I'm doing. once I can get into my cube cart dashboard, I think
  6. When I go to my admin log in page, it looks like my site's home page. I've not accessed it in about a year , what am i doing wrong. where can I log in with my password? Feeling silly, but honestly can't find it haha. http://sharimariecreations.com/admin_FHt5tg.php that is what had bookmarked as my 'control panel' log in for cube cart. Can someone shed some light? Thank you, really feeling dumb here . I think I'm using version 6.1.3. Thanks so much. Shari Marie
  7. Hi, I have been MIA for over a year due to medical issues and surgery. I can't log into my CC account because I can't remember my user name or password. How can I recover access to my account? Thank you
  8. Can you move my last post. I don't know how that happened.  I will get the hang of things soon.  I didn't mean to hijack that other post. I thought I was on mine.  [email protected]

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