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  1. All done, looks like all successful. Thanks very much again to all of you for your help. Regards, Chris Australian Art For Sale
  2. OK Thank's Ian. I guess you must have realized by now that I am really not anywhere near an expert at this ! lol
  3. Hi Again, Thanks for all the help with this. I have a warning message when I login now: Can someone please advise what I should do to fix that? Clicking through to setup gets two options, upgrade to the 6.1.6 or install 6.1.6
  4. If I change them to something else in c-panel before I do the upgrade and change the upgrade files to the new names before I ftp them too that should work, right?
  5. There is one here: public_html/admin_XXX.php which is path for admin login. Is that it?
  6. In the instructions for manual upload, it says " If your admin folder or admin.php file has been renamed please reflect these changes in the extracted package prior to uploading" I did a search and seems there is an admin.php in a few locations (see pic). Can you please tell me which one this refers to? Thanks
  7. Thanks Ian / Al. it is using the MH file
  8. Hi, I read the post by Al Brookbanks and am about to do the upgrade manually. However I noticed in C panel that I have 2 admin folders, admin and admin_XXXXXX. Should I delete the MH one? Regards, Chris
  9. Thanks DB, here is an update. It works before the closing body tag without the {literal} {literal} This might be worth keeping for other users. I also found that a site provide provide a tracking function with good drill downs that works in the main.php too 500 page hits on the free plan Regards, Chris Australian United Artists
  10. Now trialing it after the body tag
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I have now trialled it in there (just before the closing head tag) with and without {literal} but didn't work, Thanks, Chris
  12. Hi, I would like to use Logaholic to track site visits. To do this I need to paste a code into each page I want tracked. Below is the code from the demo version. Can someone please tell me where to paste this? I tried it in the product description source with no luck and also in the skins default.css. <script type='text/javascript'> var lg_url = ''; var lg_profile = 'mysite'; </script> <script type='text/javascript' src='' ></script> I already have google anayltics tracking OK and would like to use this as a tool to provide artists with details of the visits (views) of their artworks. An alternative is a hit counter on each page. Tried a few of those but pasting into each page just gives a total for all views instead of individual pages, where with this I could generate a report for email. Plus I don't really like hit counters! Hope this one is easy to do, Regards, Chris
  13. Thanks Guys, I understand. I have increased it to 750kb. Most images are OK at the 350kb limit but sometimes the clarity seems compromised when I compress vendors images. I will be resizing images from vendors to between 350 and 500kb so that should be OK, Thanks
  14. Hi Al and Noodleman. Changed both files and now works well. Thanks folks. One question, will I need to do this after an update to a new version? (currently am up to date) Thanks