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  1. bsmither, first sorry about the late reply I had eye sugary yesterday was supposed be Lasik and ended up with PRK so i was mostly out of it. Second That worked like a charm. I cannot thank you enough my friends site is back and working. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Don1968
  2. That made a big difference rangemastersteel.com
  3. the change below improved the layout withe the text above the input fields but the input box is still stacked. pic attached From: <label>{$LANG.gateway.pay_by_card}</label> To: <p>{$LANG.gateway.pay_by_card}</p>
  4. Hello thank you for the response. I should have included these details cubecart 6.2.9 stripe 2.2.4 was 2.2.3 and updating did not cause any changes skin is e-tone version 1.1 was 1.0 also no change after update. PHP is on version 5.6 In foundation i get the screen cap below. i should also say that this had been working up to recently with no changes on my part. The site is hosted with godaddy but they did not indicate any thing has changed with his hosting. Thank you for your input. don1968
  5. Hello, First post here. search did not turn up my trouble so I am asking for help or pointers I help a friend with a Cubecart 6 site he is using stripe as a payment processor. he contacted me today asking for help his site when you get to the payment page that in the past gave separate boxes for credit card info is now just giving one box withe the field titles stacked on top of each other. if you click into the box you can enter the information and tab to the next fields and enter the info but all happens in one box and the button is blank. Thank you and any help is much appreciated. Don1968
  6. @Dirty Butter Thank you for the response. This was what I was thinking was the case. I have to say that this would make a good feature add. It would allow customers to give toward a larger item. The site I am work with has range equipment, that if CubeCart would allow for multiple Gift Cards towards a single sale then they could have club members donate towards new equipment. Again Thank you for the response.
  7. Hoping some one can answer a quick question. I am looking at turning on the gift card feature and am wondering if a customer has say one card for $10 and another for $25 can they use both towards an order? So will the checkout process allow more than one code for gift cards to be entered towards the purchase?
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