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  1. With no solution forthcoming from 1&1 who stated that as CubeCart was a thrid party app, there was little they could do to help, I switched hosting to Havenswift Hosting at the recommendation of another customer and support of a whole new level was immediately forthcoming. Within hours they sorted the migration out totally painlessly and pleased to report all is working again. Well worth their hosting fee and I shall now begin moving my other CubeCart sites to to them as I still can't load images using 1&1.
  2. Regrettably not. All 4 of my CubeCart websites stopped working with this issue at exactly the same time. My host is 1&1 Internet Services who have tried the best they can to help, but unfortunately as they do not offer any form of support for 3rd party applications like CubeCart there was noting they could do other than blind me with technical suggestions that I did not have the knowledge to execute. I am now looking to move all of my websites from 1&1 to Havenswift Hosting where the sites will be properly supported.
  3. My host is 1and1. Sometimes they are good when I call them, other times not so good. I will certainly try them. Under PHP Info, there is a heading "Core", within that, there is a sub-item "log-errors" which is "off". Is this relevant to troubleshooting this and if so, do you know how I turn it on. Under PHP Info, there is an entry !Upload max size" is set to 64M. I had already shrunk the images and they are failing to load as small as 41Kb. The dropzone says "max 305Kb for each". What happens is the process appears to start, the progress bar moves across, a large X appears on image icon and when I hover on it the message "Server responded with 500 code is displayed". My own attempts go Google search for likely errors has led me to Mod_Rewrite module. Could this be of any relevance. I do not know how to test it if so. Any further suggestions? Thanks for assistance.
  4. havenswift-hosting: Thank you for your suggestions. I am happy it is not a filesize issue. Even repeat trying to load images I had prepared a month ago that loaded without issue will no longer load. I have adequate spare space on the server and I can FTP the images manually into the the intended location, but oddly doing that and refreshing the image cache induces the same 500 error. If the image is attempted to be loaded when setting up the product, any part of the Cubecart menu structure that has reference to that Product shows the 500 error. If I load the image from the Images menu, then it is only when clicking on the folder I put the image into that I get the 500 error, all other image folder remain unaffected. bsmither: Thanks, I have done exactly as you stated (I hope). I have put the file ini-custom.inc.php into the main Cubecart folder as instructed. Now when I attempt to load an image I get the blank white screen you describe, but I do not find an error_log file. I have checked the file name I created and it is "ini-custom.inc.php". Are you able to offer any further assistance? The website is www.mascotmedia.co.uk. Thanks, Darren.
  5. Hi all, I hope somebody can help me troubleshhot this error as I have no idea where to start. When I go to the image menu and create a folder, this works fine. Immediately upon loading an image to this new folder, it fails with a cross through the picture, follow by a pop- up suggesting a 500 server error, but nothing useful beyond this. I can click on other (already created) folders and then open and view the files, but any subsequent attempt to view the folder I am immediately greeted with server 500 error again. I can delete the folder, without issue. I'm going around in circles on this. Is anybody able to push me in the write direction or tell me what additional info you any require. It is probably worth mentioning that when I view server by FTP Client that it shows the new folder along with the image I could view in the FTP account. Thank you, Darren.
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