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  1. Hi I want to move some products from one category to another using cPanel/phpMyAdmin, I have changed 'cat_id' in main inventory table, but it doesn't move. If I look in CubeCart_category_index I see there are records in there pointing product to old category. I believed category_index was for sub directories however that does not seem to be the case. Is it that when a product is added to inventory a record is created in category_index and the cat_id field in inventory becomes redundant. This seems like data duplication to me. Is there an easy way to change product categories in phpMyAdmin (altering category_index isn't easy as products are referred to by id's rather than product names). Hope this makes sense. Richard
  2. I am desperate for the ability to upload new products using something very similar to the current 'import catalogue' feature however I need something that will support very simple product options. Most of my products havejust a single option with 2 values either retail pack size or wholesale pack size (the size of retail and wholesale pack varies from product to product, but each product comes in just 2 pack sizes). The current 'import catalogue' is fine, a little clunky but does everything I want apart from handle simple options. Can anyone help?
  3. I'm just getting used to using this tool, it is okay for adding new products. The main irritation I have with it is that no matter what I do I have to manually link the columns in my CSV to columns in CubeCart (see attached pic). I have used the exact same column names from an export file, I have tried changing to the exact same description from drop menu in save screen - still have to manually link each column - is there a way round this. On a bigger issue what I really need a similar function to add some simple product options (I just need a simple single option to switch between to pack sizes). I know the CubeCart import catalogue doesn't handle options but is there a plugin that does - or should I really be looking learning how to use PHP/MySQL to perform this sort of task?
  4. I have a tax problem in the UK. Most of the UK has a sales tax of 20%, but there is small tax haven in the Channel Islands where the sales tax is zero. So I have the tax rate set for the 'UK' 'All regions' at 20% and have a second rule for 'UK' 'Channel Island' at zero. It appears to give precedence to the 'All regions' rule and applies 20% to sales from the channel island as well, other than setting up an individual rule for each region is there a way to set it up so the there is a default rule of 20% with exceptions? Hope that is clear I'm a bit of novice at this.
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