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  1. This is how I solved this; with help from your clue above Since I only needed a "cosmetic" solution I changed "Latest Products" to "Top Deals" in "language/definitions.xml" It works perfectly for me since I only plan to have a maximum of 30 products for sale per week! Thank you
  2. Hi all, Is there away to replace the (Latest Products) displayed on home page with the (Sales Items) I know the key to this is in the "content.homepage" within here, but can not figure-out where to find the replacement code to display sales items instead {/if} {if $LATEST_PRODUCTS} <div id="content_latest_products"> <h2>{$LANG.catalogue.latest_products}</h2> <ul class="small-block-grid-1 medium-block-grid-3 large-block-grid-3" data-equalizer> {foreach from=$LATEST_PRODUCTS item=product} Thanks for any help
  3. what I am looking for is to display text in that area, (not a real option) just a product specific text like I said price per each or the size of a can of coke for example. I am still working on it, I will post if I do find a workaound Thank You
  4. Thank you besmither Your posts & replies here have helped me long before; I started using the forum ! a. I have removed the list display & search options; I guess that explains why I could not see the effect of the short descriptions. b.About the text option; what I; would like to explore doing is to modify the template; in away that would let me add text from the admin side, and display it as an additional product attribute. that is a (Not-Required) product option, using only text format. "something along the lines; "prices per each" I hope I made the picture a little clearer. Thank you
  5. I have 3 shops with PayPal same email account no issues, doing it for years. The only thing you need to be aware of is your store name, you should use something mutual for different products, maybe even ambiguous name so not to divert the attention of the shopper! hope this helps you further
  6. hello, I am new to this product and forum, I have been experimenting with a few template modifications, but could not figure out where does the product short description renders? and one very important question, did anyone successfully change the text area option, into a product attribute? I have been trying this, but could not figure it completely out. I resorted to other ways (you can see them here Any insight is highly appreciated Thanks
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