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  1. Hi, Do You mean "Clear cache"? Yes I did it several times. But it didn't help
  2. Hi, What could be reason plugin Deluxe bxSlider doesn't work on CC6.2.2 Foundation? It can be managed in admin mode, bot no slides is present on the store front. I did all steps 1 to 6 based on installation instructions (changes in "skins/{YOUR-SKIN}/config.xml", main.php , content.homepage.php , content.category.php, content.document.php, content.product.php . Deluxe bxSlider Manage menu appear in admin panel. I added some slides for Homepage and Sidebox and other options, selected Clear language cache and performed Rebuild Sitemap several times, but there are no results on store front- slides are visible only in admin mode Manage bxSlider tabs. May be something wrong with Execution order of hooks (see attached)? I set all to "1" but it didn't help, so now I set several to "1" and the rest to "0". Thank You for any advice !
  3. Hi, Is it possible in the Dashboard/Product list (Admin Control Panel) to wiev (and sort) column Sale Price instead of column Price (Retail Price)? Now it's a bit complicated to sort and view products based on actual Customer price (which in most cases is Sale Price not a Retail Price). Thank You in advance for any comment :) Regis
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