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  1. Hi, sorry for delay with answer. Thank you for the advice. I use "All in one shipping" module, and I checked settings - Tax Type is equal 0% for shipping. Actually, I faced with this issue only when customers use discount promo-codes (percentage or amount). If it's a regular order without discount, everything is ok.
  2. Hi! I'm using Cubecart v.6.17 and faced with the following issue: When client make an order with usage a promo-code, tax is calculated for ((sub-total - discount)+shipping) instead of just (sub-total - discount). For example: Sub-total: 118.00 Discount 10% = 11.80 Shipping = 5.00 !!! Tax 5% = 5.56 (118-11.8+5)*0.05 But it should be 5.31 (118-11.8)*0.05 I have checked all details for a promo code and for the tax, for both of them 'shipping' box isn't selected. If it's famous issue, which was corrected in latest versions, could it be possible to
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