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  1. Hello! As I know, this issue haven't been solved yet. From my perspective, it takes time because only small number of users meet this issue and it difficult to developers reproduce in their environments.
  2. Thank you for advice, I almost complete this way of realization my idea. However, there is one huge difference between these two lists which I wanted to use - the feature list isn't stable, it changes randomly.
  3. Hello! I would really appreciate if somebody explains me how to show 'featured' products on the main page instead of 'latest' products. Thank you
  4. I did... Failed :-( Let see how 6.1.8 will work with email subscriptions
  5. Thank you. This setting controls sending an email to admin, but not to a customer. Due to numbers of vanishing goods in a initial confirmation emails I want to change a process logic by following way: 1. A customer lefts an order and receives a message on a screen, that the order is accepted and the customer will receive after additional checks 2. Stock updated, an admin receives an email about new order 3. An admin changes status from Pending to Processing and after that a customer receives a confirmation email.
  6. @bsandall, @Dirty Butter, @bsmither I would extremely appreciate if you help me to finish this integration. I investigated the commit 985a842 to the story #1449 ( and did changes in next files: cubecart.css - add lines according to the commit; 2.cubecart.js - add lines according to the commit; content.product.php - I took the version from this commit, but just removed all '-' signs. All files are attached. As a result, I have a vertical gallery, however it works a little bit incorrectly - when I open a product page at the first time I don't see the main image, it appears when I reload page (by pressing F5). Screenshots are attached 2.cubecart.js content.product.php cubecart.css
  7. Hello! I will appreciate if somebody tells me in general how to find all actions which are caused by order status changing. Actually, I would like to disable sending auto emails with order confirmations (while order status is "pending") and send emails only when status changes on "Processing". Thank you.
  8. As I see, the engine update stock only if order's status changes to the specified in settings. And actually, it happens only one time for an order. Am I right?
  9. Right now it's set to "Pending". And I did manual changes while an order had a pending status (step 2).
  10. Right now I repeat next steps: Download CubeCart 6.1.7, install it (without mistakes) on clean environment, open home page, input e-mail into "Mailing List", press Subscribe. The result - a screen scroll up, no information/error messages, no e-mail in the mailing list on admin side. mailing_list_test.mp4
  11. May you write me a name of the MailChimp plugin, which you use? Or is it your own solution?
  12. Thank you for advice. Unfortunately, this issue wasn't fixed, it was closed as unpronounceable.
  13. Unfortunately, a frontend feature of adding users to mailing list stopped to work after upgrade on the 6.1.7 version, so I returned to 6.1.5. If the mailing list feature will work in 6.1.8 version I immediately made an upgrade. May you write names of JS and CSS files which are connected with the gallery feature?
  14. I checked in 6.1.5. Here is the result. Precondition inventory: Item 1 - 10 pcs. / Item 2 - 10 pcs. Step 1. Online order for Item 1 - 1 pcs. Result inventory: Item 1 - 9 pcs. / Item 2 - 10 pcs. Order Status - Pending Step 2. Manual changing in the backend. Change q-ty of Item 1 from 1 pcs to 2 pcs. Add Item 2 - 1 pcs. Press Save button Item 1 - 9 pcs. / Item 2 - 10 pcs. Order Status - Pending Step 3. Change status from Pending to Processing. Item 1 - 9 pcs. / Item 2 - 10 pcs. Order Status - Processing Step 4. Change status from Processing to Complete. Item 1 - 9 pcs. / Item 2 - 10 pcs. Order Status - Complete