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  1. Can you confirm that you can add the product to the basket if an MOQ >1 is set, when using a mobile platform? Because the user needs to be able to add it to the basket in the first place to be able to adjust quantity at checkout. Incidentally, I maintain other Cubecart sites, and the logs are showing the majority of cubecart users are on a mobile platform. Ideally, the quantity would be shown, and be set to MOQ at product page load.
  2. When using foundation skin on mobile device, view product. No field to enter purchase quantity. If the product has a minimum quantity set to greater than 1, then there is no apparent way for the shopper to add the product to the basket since the (hidden) default value is 1. Tested on mobile Chrome, and webkit android 4.4.4 (Update- original link moved to MOQ1 please test with this new link) https://www.universalmailorder.co.uk/bitcoinz/bitcoinz-keyring-torch-moq10.html It is fine on desktop view, since the quantity field is visible and can be changed.
  3. The county bounty! Firstly, thank you to the Cubecart developers for making such a great platform. So much more responsive and closer to my needs than so many other systems I have tried, including Magento and oscommerce. I think in nearly all aspects Cubecart are better than the others. It's not perfect, though, and that's what I would like to address here; My biggest gripe is not being able to disable the county field in admin. Users have to search through a long list of counties, which acts as an additional barrier to making that sale. Especially if they live in London or Manchester, since their locations are listed under 'G', and the field is totally unnecessary in the UK in any case. Especially if you are using a postcode lookup system which presumably populates the address correctly. Also, if you are retailing to mostly end users, you may prefer not to ask the user to fill in company name when entering the address, or at least mark it as Optional so the user knows they don't have to worry about it. Again, the option of hiding that field would be useful. I have spent some time trying to kill the county field eventually realising my efforts were being thwarted by additional checks validating the address part way against database tables. So here goes: If the cubecart developers make the next, or next-but-one version have an admin option to not ask for County, I pledge to pay a £50 bounty.
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