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  1. I've seen some discussion about this but haven't seen this particular question answered. Is it possible (and relatively easy) to remove the Billing Address from registration? PayPal is the only payment option I'm using so it's extraneous. I suppose an alternative (cosmetic, anyway) might be renaming "Billing Address" to "Delivery Address" if I could somehow remove the "Deliver to billing address" checkbox.
  2. bsmither, this works perfectly. Thanks so much! And the ability to add functionality without editing code is brilliant, what a great feature. Thanks again!
  3. Is it possible at all to make the manufacturers field behave as a tag? So the manufacturer on a product page would link to all products from that manufacturer? If not, is it possible to search manufacturers? Or perhaps build a link that would return those results? In my case, I'm building a shop for books so I'd love some sort of tag (or tag-like) system for either publishers or authors. I searched the forums and Google with every combination I could think of but am hoping I've just missed the solution somewhere. Thanks very much,