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  1. thanks will try this now will this also solve the mobile browser issue where you cant go to the cart if you click to buy with the item description and try to check out straight after
  2. Sorry for continued posting. If you click to buy from the category listing, it adds fine and works. Foundation skin is the same Basket seems to show random things, sometimes there, sometimes not, Firefox on PC seems to not work right, other browsers do. Firefox seems to have 'two' carts, which appear and disappear randomly. I seem to have two issues, the mobile issue where purchase within the item itself does allow basket to open properly and Firefox on PC have two seemingly random carts (browers cache cleared too)
  3. Iphone various models, does it on my 11 Pro, latest ios, customer had iphone 8. Its been an issue on and off for years, never managed to replicate until today Easiest way to see it is to go to an item description, like to buy and then try to go direct to checkout Is it possible to add a 'continue shopping' button at checkout? Its doing the same on my laptop too, click to buy within the item description and cart is empty
  4. Another client today has stated they've tried to add to cart via their phone and when they go to checkout the cart is empty (it isnt empty, it contains multiples, they just cant get to it) More info: Seems it is there but they can't get to the checkout area, clicking secure checkout button the side panel just slides away again, clicking the store logo top left and trying again seems to clear that issue, but obviously customers will leave without asking for it to be solved. Seems to be a mobile site issue Edit: Even more info, if you click within the item itself this
  5. Yes its this for sure. I have cache off and the tabs dont work.
  6. Never had this issue ever, not that I know of. A customer just said they are trying to purchase an item, they add it to cart, when they go to cart it's gone and they cant buy it. Never come accross, this in over 3000 sales. Update, hes managed to do it from his phone, but not his Windows 10 laptop
  7. I cant get any tabs to open in the latest update with firefox, if you click a tab (say description or pricing), the url in the address bar changes but it does not 'go', you need to click on the address bar and press enter for it to work.
  8. Just the tab issue to solve, it's a pain to open everything in new browser tab
  9. I sent the error code to my hosting company, who tweaked something, the install worked second time around The only issue that remains is that the tabs dont work inside an order, or product screen unless you open them in a new browser tab. Firefox latest version
  10. I remember I clicked the upgrade tab, but didn't click the button to continue, just clicked back, so maybe it flagged I'd upgraded when I had not even copied the files? ah ok, uploaded files, clicked tab to upgrade database from 6.2.9 and this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2097152 bytes) in /home/citybugs/public_html/classes/cache/file.class.php on line 90 Tried a few times, can't upgrade database, it just falls over with this memory error
  11. best course of action? Upload files from zip? Can I force setup to complete? Seems the store a muddle of versions
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