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  1. I'm just in the process of signing up for Adyen, there is no information on the Adyen site about Cubecart integration and no documents on the Cubecart page either.
  2. That's how it should be. I can replicate it on my iphone and had a few others try it. It's random, but a real issue. Maybe it works on Android but not iOS
  3. citybugstore.co.uk Just on the mobile site, standard site no issues
  4. Use Stripe or Square via Virtual Terminal?
  5. Customers are having issues with my store solely on mobiles. They can add items to the cart, but clicking to checkout or make an account just send you back to the item, the cycle repeats and repeats. The only way to solve it is to click the store logo to go back to the home page and then click on the cart then, at all other points it just wont progress, until you go back to home and try again. Most people dont do this and just give up. I had three people just yesterday email to say they couldn't buy due to not being able to move forward to checkout.
  6. It's viewable in the store front, but not on the edit page, nothing there in the description tab.
  7. Hi A few customers have mentioned this and I replicated it myself a couple times. Clients adds item to basket on the mobile store it only seems to happen. then they click to checkout and it doesnt move to checkout page, just back to item, if you click about the site it then seems to work after several clicks. Any one else come up with this?
  8. Super. I mainly use SumUp, but you don't have a checkout for them yet. So I've registered with Square, and activated my account with them. I'm setting up the cubecart side, Location ID, etc, is required. this information seems illusive within Square and cubecart is not one of the services offered when you click to connect a webstore within Square. Googling and going through my Square account hasn't found the info I need to set it up.
  9. Everything working now. Aside from this extension, which seems to have a lot of bother retaining the information entered in the boxes. Just disappears even after save.
  10. Fixed, it was the admin.php, it was the old one, uploaded new and renamed and all good
  11. DId an auto upgrade, it wasn't the correct code, so manually uploaded latest, correctly renamed the admin folder, now can't login with cross site forgery.
  12. It's worse. I've just updated, then uploaded admin folder manually, and checked it is the right folder name, now everything is cross site forgery, I can't login at all, from laptop or phone. The whole site is locked out.
  13. I've renamed the admin folder, it now contains todays update files. This extension still fails on cross site forgery error
  14. I'm using the latest version, the cross site forgery issue was with the latest cubecart. I'm not alone with this issue.
  15. Tried again today, it's not possible to update any of the bank information in this app without error.
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