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  1. Electronic Universe

    [Resolved] Unable to access product inventory after update

    Update on the issue I was having. It turns out that even though the update went through the php version on our hosting service was set at the wrong version. I changed it and didn't look at the database using phpAdmin. All is working and would like to thank everyone who submitted solutions. Chris
  2. Electronic Universe

    [Resolved] Unable to access product inventory after update

    Thank you all for the replies so-far. I was upgrading from 6.0.6 to 6.1.5 and upgraded as if it was a new install of Cubecart, but clicked on Upgrade. When I now go to Maintenance>Upgrade, is states that I have the latest version, a history of the versions previously installed and a Force Upgrade button. Would clicking on Force Upgrade make a difference? I have uploaded screen grabs of an Error Log, and under Maintenance>Database, some of the tables are highlighted in orange but when checking, analyzing or repairing gives some actions as being completed, but still doesn't seem to have made any difference. I have tried restoring the backup of the database I took before the upgrade, under Maintenance>Backup and clicking the green arrow icon, but that hasn't made any difference. Many Thanks Chris
  3. Hi, I have just updated our cubecart store, but upon logging back in to the admin area, when I have tried to access the product inventory tab, the browser comes back with the page is unable to handle this request. When I try to aces the main storefront, all the products are visible, with all the correct information on display, even one product I added just before performing the update. All the other admin tabs are available to click on and access, with only the language section, when I click on the language, doing the same thing. Also, the latest products on the homepage won't add to basket, but when clicking on the product and clicking add to basket from it's own page it is fine. I have tried a restore of a backup, but this hasn't made any difference. Any help and advise would be appreciated. Chris