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  1. This is what I needed. The "rights" were not correct on this folder. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. R
  2. Ok, I'm assuming this is a rights issue. An admin was assigning a new user to the server and set group, owner and permissions recursively. Every file and folder is now 0755. I have been "putting out fires" as they pop up, but am unsure what the rights for each file and folder should be. Latest example is when I am in the Admin Dashboard and chose an order, if I click the printer icon, I receive a red bar error that reads, "It has not been possible to generate the printable file." Again, I'm assuming this is related to rights, just not sure which file and what right to assign to it. Error log is empty. Thanks in advance for any direction. R
  3. Comments Forwarding

    Brian, this is what I was looking for. I was able to change the "tags" I just need this little bit you responded with to place in the email templates. Thanks again for your invaluable assistance. I have another issue that you have dealt with in the past, but I will begin a new thread for that. Thanks again, R
  4. Comments Forwarding

    Yeah... I was able to change the labels. That was easy enough. I had just hoped that the field itself would follow along with the email. I’m assuming a “hook” / field would need to added to those email templates The “your_comment” and “comments” appear to be either the same field or linked some how. Since I have edited the “label” to include “PO#”, it would be beneficial if I could get that field (not necessarily the label) to show on the order notification email and your plugin, dropship email. I hope that makes sense. R
  5. Comments Forwarding

    I have edited two phrases: Settings\Language\English (UK)\ Basket - Phrases displayed in the basket pages your_comments Common - Phrases used in multiple places comments How do I get these field (they appear to be the same) to follow along in the order process? Meaning, after submission, an email is sent to the person receiving all order notifications. The phrases field your_comments and comments do not follow along. As I look at the email, it doesn't appear, nor does it appear in the "Dropship Products" email that is generated. How do I get this comment field to follow along? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, R
  6. Price not updating

    Fixed!!! You led me down the correct path. One of my people decided she was going to "help" me and "fixed" some permissions. All is well in the world. Thank you so much for your assistance. R
  7. Price not updating

    Ok... After much crying and gnashing of teeth, I was able to get the price to change and be reflective of what it is supposed to be. There for a while, it would only show $0.00. Now a new wrinkle... and this may be a permissions... On the top of the page (admin and client), it reads: Warning: Could not change cache path (/var/www/html/cubecart/cache/) in /var/www/html/cubecart/classes/cache/file.class.php on line 258. Here are lines 243 - 264 as they are germane to caching: /** * Set cache path to some where else * * @param string $path */ public function setPath($path = '') { if (empty($path)) { $path = CC_ROOT_DIR.'/cache'.'/'; } else { $ds = substr($path, -1); if ($ds != '/' && $ds != '\\') { $path .= '/'; } } clearstatcache(); // Clear cached results if (is_dir($path) && file_exists($path) && is_writable($path)) { $this->_cache_path = $path; } else { trigger_error('Could not change cache path ('.$path.')', E_USER_WARNING); return false; } return true; } Thoughts? Thanks, R
  8. Price not updating

    Brian, Thanks for your reply. The only '''cache" folder that I have been able to find is html/cubecart/cache. It is empty except for one folder named skin. Skin contains about 156 .php files. Is this the correct spot? I have disabled caching for the moment as you suggested, however price still doesn't change after editing. The only way to get an updated price is to delete the product and rebuild it. Stymied. R
  9. Price not updating

    Keat, Thanks for your reply. However, this isn't the case here. It's odd. R
  10. Price not updating

    Hey Brian, thanks for the questions... Each customer that logs in is a member of "center" that they login as... Example someone from the Dayton, OH Center is in group DAYT-2001. Each of the 60 centers have their own alpha-numeric group code. We aren't doing any price schedule adjustments. Each of the 60 centers will pay the same amount. Non-Logged-in visitors do not see pricing. You need to be a verified, registered "customer" and logged in to see pricing. I host internally on my own machine, we haven't made any type of caching changes. Right now what I need to do for price changes, is delete the product and re-enter. RLN
  11. Price not updating

    So, we have had this issue pop up. If I get a notice that a product's price has changed, I have gone to that product, changed the price, then did a Save/Reload. Everything looks good on the admin, but if I log in as an end-user, the old price is displayed. R
  12. Customer Groups on Registration Page

    It has be sent. Thank you for your help. R
  13. Good Afternoon... Just when you thought you finally got rid of him, he comes back with a question. Ok, we have a "captive" customer base. We do not sell to anyone but "known" people. We require each new user to submit registrations and that registration needs to be approved/verified prior to that person is allowed to place orders or see pricing. With that said, we utilize the Customer Groups. Each user is assigned to a group based on their location. The Group number is a four digit number with a hyphen and a four digit alpha text. For example, Fort Wayne, IN would be 8735-FWAY. I would like to have the Customer Group "drop down" from the Customer List area added to the Registration page. I'm assuming this is in /skins/foundation/templates/content.register.php -- possibly? Would we add a "hook"? Thanks in advance for any help. R
  14. Orders to Show Customer Group

    Yup... you have warned me to use the "source" mode in the past. I did, and inserted the bold into the email message: <p>This order, {$DROPSHIP_DATA.cart_order_id}, for {$DROPSHIP_BILLING.cust_groups}, dated {$DROPSHIP_DATA.order_date}, has products from your department.</p> I then moved the execution order of "Adds Customer Membership Group... Details" to 1. Unfortunately, didn't place the Customer Group into the email. Your thoughts. Thank you, Sir. R