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  1. [Resolved] Product Description

    You are the best.... Saw that there is indeed "description". Found that I was looking at a duplicate product that didn't have a description. Thank you so much for you help.
  2. I've looked and cannot find it here in the forums... How do I add the "Description" on the product page? Right now I am only able to display the image, product code, condition and price. Thanks for any help. RLN
  3. Display Categories on Orders

    Yes, it is possible that there would be different shipments of the same order. We do have items that are processed and fulfilled by different areas. If an order came in, and it had: 3 - 55 gallon drums of cleaning solvent -- processed by manufacturing department 4 cs - pipettes -- processed by the Lab 2 ea - Drum containment stands -- processed by operations So, what would be nice is when the order comes in all personnel that are notified will be able to easily see the the items that they are responsible for. I hope that makes sense. I looked through the Marketplace but nothing jumped out at me, maybe I was using the wrong search keyword. Thanks for your help on this. RLN
  4. Display Categories on Orders

    Addendum... Or, if there is a "plug-in" that can be purchased that would allow this, that would work as well. I've searched and I'm not seeing anything.
  5. Good morning... I have a couple of different people responsible for orders that come in. Each is responsible for their own category. When the orders come in, it shows each item line. Is it possible to break these down by category? Meaning... when the customer receives the email confirmation, it lists the items but by category. This also goes for the individuals receiving the order notification. Each person would be able to immediately see if the category they are responsible for is listed in the email. Some of the questions that I have had, have been self-inflicted, or I have found the answer here. Hoping someone has has a quick fix for this. Thank you very much for your help. RLN
  6. Customers cannot register

    The latest build 6.1.7. Default Skin. Ok.... Just found the issue. Just restored to 6.1.5 and I can now register. Ugh. I gots to find out the issue of latest build. Thanks for directing me down the right path.
  7. Customers cannot register

    Noticed yesterday that new users are no longer able to register for my "cart". Anyone have anything similar happen... 1. Fill out form completely 2. I disable the captcha 3. checked the I agree to the Terms & Conditions 4. Click register... nothing happens. Puzzling.
  8. [Resolved] Order Notifications

    Thank you for your help. It was the email provider blocking. I tried with my Exchange server and it is working. Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. [Resolved] Order Notifications

    I do... The template is in there and appears to be working. However, none of people are receiving notifications of the order. I have edited my initial post because I was stupid. Template is there, order notifications are not sending to my people. R
  10. Since March 30th, None of my "admins" have received order notifications. Was wondering if this was because of the update. Tested again, and nothing. Apologize - total noob at this. Any hlep/direction is appreciated. RLN
  11. Thank you, Sir... I just sent you a DM. RLN
  12. Newbie here... is there any head-way on this? I looked deeper into this and the links contained in "Disable automatic registeration" seem to be broken. Thanks in advance. We are using cubecart for a captive audience (customers). It is not open to the world, so to speak. RLN