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  1. Update... I have been able to to remove the AIO Shipping. This must have been an added extension at one point. I just "unchecked" to disable that from showing. However, it would be nice to have the shipping read "TBD" instead of 0.00. Thoughts? If not, maybe a full removal of shipping. RLN
  2. We use CubeCart as a way for my end-users to order product only. This has helped my Production manager as she doesn't need to deal with faxes, phone calls, and the myriad of emails. We do no billing or invoicing through CubeCart, but like the fact that we have a paper trail. Problem I have is when a order is made, it reads "All In One Shipping (Free Shipping)" on the confirmation page (online and email). Since we are shipping bulk, liquid, industrial detergents/sanitizers, through LTL or, sometimes, FTL, the shipping cost is included in the invoice we create through our ERP. This shipping cost can be very high high and varied. We have some end-users that are trying to hold us to the "All In One Shipping (Free Shipping)". Is not going to happen. How can I remove, or where do I go, to remove all shipping references from the orders displayed (online and email). I have thought about going into the email template and "whacking" there, but not to sure about that. Also, I have gone into Admin > Store Settings > Features... and have disabled shipping groups and disable initial shipping & tax estimates. Thanks for your help. RLN
  3. Thanks... sent you an email so that I could include three text file attachments. R
  4. Yeah... I found out about the entire "cheapest price wins out" situation. I'm afraid that I'm just trying to use a "square peg" into a "round hole". So, I have deleted all customer groups. However, I still need to have some sort of quick, visual identifier as to where the customer is from... I went into Admin > Languages > *Edit* > User - Phrases specific to customers > and changed "title" to "MFG Center Number". We don't really care about Mr., Ms., etc.... So, this is a good way to tie our accounting package in. I made a change in the content.register.php with an edit to the "title" (which now shows MFG Center Number) and added {$LANG.form.required}" required to the end of the line. I think this is going to work splendidly. Brian, I do have three items that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with. Is it ok if I DM those to you to get your input? The items pertain to some code snippets you worked up in the past. Thanks, Randall
  5. Ok... I think I understand. Since I have a captive customer base from about 60 different manufacturing centers, I have assigned each to a "group" for quick identification (I use my accounting software identifier e.g. 9999-IGHQ). Further, since each group will receive the same price, is it possible to assign each to another group (0000-MINE) and set the price there and all will then get the updated pricing without too much intervention? R
  6. Correct. I am clearing the cache. I make the change, save, clear the cache.... price change is reflective in the admin dashboard > Products. Switch to Store Front, no price change. Now with that said, for testing I changed Product I from $240.52 to $250.00. If I look in the phpMyAdmin, under CubeCart_pricing_group, I see 59 lines of the $240.52 entry. Thanks for any help, Randall
  7. Well, I thought I had this taken care of in v6.1.12, but it has come back to me in v6.2.0. I initially checked the "rights" of the folders and they are consistent with the v6.1.2. Perplexed. If I log into "admin", go to the product and make the change in the price, save and back out (clearing cache), the price is not reflective in the store front. I tried deleting the product and re-entering, that results in the price being $0.00. They only way I have found to change the pricing is to export the entire catalog, make the change to the singular product, then import the entire catalog overwriting all products. That's not practical. Any thoughts... R
  8. Perfect. Thanks once again, Brian. I looked in there, but most have overlooked "pending". R
  9. Really like v6.2.0. It's been a journey getting it working, but orders are coming in. Latest issue is the order notification email is not sending until the order is moved to processing. How would I change that so the email is sent once the order is received into the system? I am using Brian Smither's Dropship Products plugin to notify manufacturer/departments that they have products ordered. This plugin runs when the order is moved from "pending" to "processing" and is working correctly.... It's the initial email that an order has arrived that is not delivering as soon as the check out is completed. Right now we need to check the Dashboard > Orders to see if any orders have been received. Thoughts? As always, thank you very much for any assistance. Randall
  10. Brian, Yeah... I did the proverbial "knee jerk". Took a breath, searched around a little more and found a response from Al (below). Found the 'custom_oid' in the order_summary table with phpMyAdmin.... dropped it. Al states it was a bug hungover from the beta. I have since made two orders (one on network and one off) with a new test customer and have been successful so far. Thanks for all of the help.
  11. Well, I seem to have spoken too soon. I found it odd that I have not received any orders today, so I logged in as a customer and made an order. After checking out, I hoped to see the order submitted page, but I'm presented with a "404 - Page not found" page. The order is no there. I checked the Error Log, I have a singular error in there that appears to be the order (see attached). The very last line shows an entry that reads.... "Duplicate entry ' ' for key 'custom_oid'. Not for sure what this is and am hoping someone can direct me in the right direction. I have no idea where to begin. Thanks for any help. Randall 20180514_error.txt
  12. So, here is the update... After I had an "up and running" 6.1.15 --- I processed a couple of orders and everything was fine, including the search feature. I got a good VM export, and then upgraded to 6.2.0. As of this entry, everything is running smoothly. Not sure what the issue was, but.... there ya go. Thanks fro the help, Randall
  13. Here's an update.... I'm running on as a virtual machine, so as soon as I get the OS up and running with SSH configured and IP address set static, I export the VM prior to stepping through the install of CC. When doing the fresh install of 6.2.0, as soon as I access the store, I get the seo.class.php errors of Duplicate entry. Accessing the test product resulted in the Duplicate entry for a number of documents. Since I have an export of the VM to the bare bones OS, I scrapped what I was doing and started over installing 6.1.15. As of an hour ago... no errors and everything seems to be working fine. I did nothing different in the installation steps. Kinda gun shy to upgrade to 6.2.0 now. Brian, Just saw your reply as if posted mine above. I tried the clear the cache to no avail. Look at my last post, maybe there is a bug. I don't know how to report it. Randall
  14. It is odd... but, here's what's even stranger.... as soon as I created the new store, these were in the error log. I just don't know what to do from here.
  15. Good Afternoon, Doing a fresh install of 6.2. Get past the installer and the admin page and store front loads. However, If i do a search for the test product, or select the test product from the main store front page, I get a 404 -Page not found displayed and the following error in the error log (one line only): Today, 15:41 File: [seo.class.php] Line: [659] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_seo_urls` (`type`,`item_id`,`path`,`custom`) VALUES ('login','','login','0');" - Duplicate entry 'login' for key 'PRIMARY' The entire error log is attached. I have searched the forum, and have found some items that are similar, but not quite the same. Thanks for any insight on how I may correct. R error_log.txt
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