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  1. Wow.... I must be getting old. I even replied. Thank you very much. Apologies.
  2. Good morning... Hello again... Quick question. Is there a way to restrict users email addresses to a specific domain for registration? I have a captive audience and only want new registrants to use a specific email address domain when registering. We are a franchisor/franchisee business and a number of the franchisees are have their own email domain. They are operating as a DBA and also have my email address domain. I want to restrict that they can only register and receive communications from my CC store with my domain address. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. R
  3. Good morning.... As I have mentioned in the past, I have a closed and captive customer base at about 60 different locations. Once a user from a certain location leaves (for whatever reason), we disable their "login" then eventually delete their "customer" login. Problem that that will raise... we cannot delete while they have order history. Which is good, because if we just deleted them, we would lose this data. So, is there a way to move this historical data from the location's "terminated" customer to the location's new customer? FYI - "terminated" customer's account is disabled to prevent logins. Thanks for any help.
  4. That's perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thank you
  5. Good morning everyone. Hope the new year finds everyone well. Have a quick question, that I hope has a quick "fix". Is there a way to set the domain for an an email address when a "customer" registers? Meaning... I have a "captive" customer set. We only sell within our group, but they must register to place orders and such. We have a number of people that do not follow directions well and are registering with different domains (gmail, icloud, and yes, even aol.com). I would like to have it set that you can only register with my company domain. If that domain is not entered, it will not allow the customer to register. Email address is a required field, I would further like to make the domain a requirement. Thoughts?
  6. First... Love CubeCart. Ease of use and the helpful people here makes this package hands down the most user friendly "shopping cart". Great job. Now.... I have looked through the forum and am not finding exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe someone has an idea or guidance toward a plugin / extension. Is there any way for the "customer" to submit changes or edit an order that has already been placed? Right now, customers will place an order then will go on with their lives. At a point later on, they realize that the omitted something from their order. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit the submitted order. They end up just sending an email in. Thoughts? Thanks for any help.
  7. Good Afternoon... Just when you thought you finally got rid of him, he comes back with a question. Ok, we have a "captive" customer base. We do not sell to anyone but "known" people. We require each new user to submit registrations and that registration needs to be approved/verified prior to that person is allowed to place orders or see pricing. With that said, we utilize the Customer Groups. Each user is assigned to a group based on their location. The Group number is a four digit number with a hyphen and a four digit alpha text. For example, Fort Wayne, IN would be 8735-FWAY. I would like to have the Customer Group "drop down" from the Customer List area added to the Registration page. I'm assuming this is in /skins/foundation/templates/content.register.php -- possibly? Would we add a "hook"? Thanks in advance for any help. R
  8. So, when I upgraded from 6.1.8 to 6.1.12, there was a problem with the session.class.php file... so, Al directed me to the corrected file from the 6.1.13 branch at Github. To make this story short, now my browser tab icon is the Github icon. In the past, on my html websites, I would just put the path to the favicon.ico in the <head> of the index.html file. Well, since that isn't in play here, anyone have any ideas? I'm using the default Foundation skin. Thanks, R
  9. Newbie here... is there any head-way on this? I looked deeper into this and the links contained in "Disable automatic registeration" seem to be broken. Thanks in advance. We are using cubecart for a captive audience (customers). It is not open to the world, so to speak. RLN
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