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  1. Remove Best Sellers & Featured Product

    I just spent time looking for that under Languages, went thru all of the options but couldn't find it anywhere! Wait, never mind, found it!! Under phrases displayed with product inventory page. Changed and thank you!
  2. Remove Best Sellers & Featured Product

    I'm using 6.1.7 version, will that code work for this? Asking cuz few weeks ago I tried an "old" code for something else and it nuked the descriptions. If this won't work, what would to get rid of the Best Sellers feature? Or Rename it to something like "Quick Links"
  3. Can't add much description

    This is one that I had tweaked to get rid of Product Information and Specification, obviously not a good way to do that. So, did what you said and now, the description is there (and Product info and spec are back - but that's OK!). Thank you so much.
  4. Can't add much description

    I have tweaked it, what do you need from me to compare?
  5. Can't add much description

    So, is there a concensus, should I delete and reload the Foundation skin? I would hope that's not a drastic fix?
  6. About to go live, reviews are good from our group on the cart! I seem to be missing something, however, when I try to add a couple of lines of description, they don't show up. Specifically, when you go to:, you can see part of the description trial off with a ... next to Thursday Dinner, click on thursday dinner, and there's NO description at all. Have tried to input it in both Description and the Short Optional Description. Is there a toggle or something?
  7. Worked but code on your line 149 was on my 151, version 6.1.5
  8. Had this question, too, thanks for answering it, will do this tomorrow, I'm using V. 6.1.5 so assuming it will work. I'm almost there and ready to go live with our registration!
  9. Billing Address - no State

    Followed instructions on another thread to debug, Language shows en-GB, even tho I've installed the US language pack. So what do I do now?
  10. Billing Address - no State

    Did, restarted and everything, cleared language cache and 'general' cache, County still does not say State. I am also looking at this on tablet, mobile, etc. Also did this: Now navigate to "Filemanager" >> "Email Templates" and click the "Import" tab. In the import fieldset select en-US then click "Save". Still County, doesn't say State.
  11. Billing Address - no State

    OK, found the Extension via google, installed and went thru the Address drop down, but nothing has changed. Amend that, the drop down has the states but the field name still says County (not state). Here is it, if you want to see it.
  12. Billing Address - no State

    I had looked at that, but didn't see where US was installed. Here's a screen shot, how do I get the US Language?
  13. Getting close to figuring out all of this new(er) cubecart, hopefully one last question. On the billing it has an entry for County, but this needs to be State for U.S. I know I'll have to go into a php page, can somebody tell me where and what lines, and code to change. Image included. Thank you!
  14. Verification Code Error

    Thank you!!! Should have seen that in there, I was just too intent on trying to make it work!
  15. Verification Code Error

    Can you please tell me where to get that and how to install? I don't see it in the Extensions.... Or can I just do away with this, this is a conference registration for small non profit. And it's going to paypal.