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  1. Thanks, I'll stick with the standard paypal for now.
  2. Had time after posting, and it seems to be the Braintree Paypal Extension that I enabled right before the update was the culprit. So, deleted it and all seems fine now. Is there a known bug with that extension ( it said it was recommended over the "regular" paypal extension, which I am no using (still)).
  3. Upgraded to latest version just now, but when I try to View Basket or Checkout, both pages are blank: http://tcsmg.com/flying/index.php?_a=checkout http://tcsmg.com/flying/index.php?_a=basket Anybody else having issues?
  4. I'm having several issues with this install, I'll contact tech support early next week to pay for tech support. Besides no email notifications coming to customers (and only to me as admin when I set Features>Pending, if I set it to Processing nothing is emailed even to me); and: the quantity of a specific item isn't being configured on checkout (I'll send them screen shots). Plus, I can't upgrade to .12, giving me error messages and will not take the info I'm giving it if I try to do it manually, telling me I don't know what I'm doing. P.S. Using the same exact settings for a previous cubecart for a conference, figured I'd have no issues, but, well... www.ostastore.com/shop
  5. New install of cubecart, still testing, I am not receiving any email notifications as the administrator, of orders, nor am I, as an ordering customer, receiving any emails either. Help? And, the email log is empty, too. Have tested several times. P.S. playing with settings, under Dashboard>Settings, Order status for admin email notifications - it is set to Processing. However, when an order is placed, and I view Orders they are listed as Pending - but when I change that to Processing, I'm getting the email notifications. So, is there another place to set Pending to Processing in any of the other Settings?
  6. Do I just need to ftp that one file admin.class.php into the Classes folder, getting lots of error messages when I try to download from the dashboard.
  7. That did the trick - thank you! Question, what would you charge to move my current cart to another domain - same host, however. It would have to be renamed, or is that possible?
  8. I have successfully installed a cubecart with hostmonster six months ago, last night tried to install another but when I click on the admin link, I get Page 404 error (and it's not the admin login page anyway). Here is the link and you'll see what I mean: http://ostastore.com/shoposta/admin - Hostmonster says they can't help, but they did send me the error code they see. [13-Oct-2017 01:50:15 Europe/London] PHP Warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home6/tcsmgcom/public_html/ostastore/classes/cache/file.class.php on line 204 And the hosting specs are: Apache 2.2.34 PHP 5.4.24 MySQL 5.6.32-78.1
  9. I just spent time looking for that under Languages, went thru all of the options but couldn't find it anywhere! Wait, never mind, found it!! Under phrases displayed with product inventory page. Changed and thank you!
  10. I'm using 6.1.7 version, will that code work for this? Asking cuz few weeks ago I tried an "old" code for something else and it nuked the descriptions. If this won't work, what would to get rid of the Best Sellers feature? Or Rename it to something like "Quick Links"
  11. This is one that I had tweaked to get rid of Product Information and Specification, obviously not a good way to do that. So, did what you said and now, the description is there (and Product info and spec are back - but that's OK!). Thank you so much.
  12. I have tweaked it, what do you need from me to compare?
  13. So, is there a concensus, should I delete and reload the Foundation skin? I would hope that's not a drastic fix?
  14. About to go live, reviews are good from our group on the cart! I seem to be missing something, however, when I try to add a couple of lines of description, they don't show up. Specifically, when you go to: http://tcsmg.com/2017conference/thursday-banquet.html, you can see part of the description trial off with a ... next to Thursday Dinner, click on thursday dinner, and there's NO description at all. Have tried to input it in both Description and the Short Optional Description. Is there a toggle or something?
  15. Followed instructions on another thread to debug, Language shows en-GB, even tho I've installed the US language pack. So what do I do now?
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