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  1. hi, i am using CubeCart 6.1.5 and the skin is Mauris 1.0.2 - Thanks EDIT i am new to CubeCart so might be me and not be CubeCart or Mauris
  2. Just wondered, any way to show the "sale items" link, when i have an item on sale and not when i have no items on sale. At the moment the "sale items" link shows even when no items are on sale, clicking it shows a page with a "No products found" message, is there a way to have it only show when an item is on sale without commenting it in and out each time. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Shame about the documentation would make things much better I had a look at the links you suggested yesterday but can't find the parts i need. i did look at the main.php file but found nothing in the footer part to let me remove the parts i want. Thanks
  4. Hi, im new, only installed CubeCart yesterday. I have a few questions, 1st one being where can i find the manual or documentation for CubeCart, i have looked but can't find any. If i had the manual i hope would not need to ask the following questions till after reading it. 2nd how do i remove the “.Sounds” text in the footer and maybe replace it with the “follow me” links if that's possible, also would be nice to reduce the footer size. 3rd how do i remove “Best Sellers” and “Mailing Lists” from the home page, i want to add some text there instead. Website is https://insounds.000webhostapp.com/CubeCart-6.1.5/ for reference. I know the site is rubbish but it's only while i learn how to use CubeCart. Thanks
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