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  1. Ladies and gents, I have just added a plugin "Deluxe Document Manager" when I try to add a new page or edit an existing page I get the dreaded CSRF message in admin mentioned by many others on this forum. "Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used" Everything has been working fine until I installed the above plugin, other parts are working ok although the error message above does crop up randomly from time to time when using other features of admin. Given how often it is mentioned in these pages I am surprised no one has come up with an answer or a fix! Cubecart 6.1.7 Galaxy skin 1.8 Tried both Chrome and Safari browsers. Does anyone know if it is a server error, browser error, or a Cubecart error? Any ideas please. Brian
  2. I did try changing the value to zero but it made no difference. Thanks anyway. Brian
  3. Good morning gentleman. I have found the answer which once again is a PHP server path issue. Modern server setups with recent versions of PHP are locked down much tighter, presumably to make them more secure and to stop problems caused by other sites on the server. Luckily I have the server to myself so I can change anything I want. In the case of this problem it required a path change to the "open_basedir" setting in the PHP configuration. I found the fault by looking at the error log. Brian
  4. Hello, for some reason file manager has stopped working! I can choose a file or files to upload, it then appears to upload them and shows the thumbnail but when I go back to files they do not appear? Anyone have an idea what is wrong. Thank you.
  5. I haven't tried it yet, I have been on the computer for around 8 hours trying to get the skin to work so I am having a break! I will let you know as soon as I try it out. Brian
  6. Gents, It is now working! the problem was a server path issue. The PHP settings by default are set to a TMP directory, as soon as I changed it to the site root from the default TMP folder it worked like a dream! I have to say as well that the designer of the skin Patrick Bullert was really helpful, he has spent time trying to help me solve the problem over several days, my thanks to him. Although not a cheap skin Galaxy X is superb, looks great and is easy to use. Many thanks to all, I guess I will be back! Where do I remove the default tick from "I would like to set up an account" Regards, Brian
  7. Yes I have the latest 1.8 version of the skin. This is driving me mad! I cannot find out why it is not working. To be more precise neither the update cart or the checkout buttons work. It seems as if it thinks it does not have the data it needs to progress. I have recaptcha turned off but have tried it both on and off! Every so often I switch back to the foundation skin and everything works as it should!! Regards, Brian I want the recaptcha off anyway, perhaps the galaxy skin needs it and therefore cannot progress. There is a post mentioned by bsmither which has some stuff about the recaptcha in the Galaxy skin here but I am not sure how relevant it is to my post. Yes to the technical support plan. Brian
  8. I had a look at that post but I cannot see how that would help me solve my problem which relates to the checkout! If I sign up to the basic technical support do you think the developers would be able to solve this problem for me? Thank you, Brian
  9. I need some help please, I am setting up a site with Galaxy X skin. It has a major problem in that the checkout does not proceed beyond the point after having selected payment type. I click the checkout button having selected the payment type but it does not go to the next stage. All of the rest of the cart setup is correct, if I change back to the foundation skin it works perfectly, I also tried minimaliser skin which also works perfectly. I have the latest Cubecart 6.1.7 and the latest skin 1.8. I have tried the developer Patrick Bullert but he seems unable to remedy the problem, in fact I am still waiting for a response from him. I am stuck until I can solve this issue. Many thanks, Brian
  10. Hello, I have installed the "Weight Based Shipping Module" I have set the weight for some products and set up one zone to test. When I click on checkout it gives an error message. The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries. Does this shipping method need any other shipping modules present to work? Any advice greatly appreciated. Brian
  11. I only sell two items, antique violins and antique violin bows so every violin has 8 photos, the bows have 5 images, although it could be 6, I suppose this implies two view product pages but at this stage I just want to find the correct files to look at, maybe I can use the same layout for both. I have been selling violins and bows on the internet for nearly 20 years but my current site (which is still live) will not run on the new server, the old site has lots of ancient cgi scripts hence the need to move. Here is what I currently have for the violin pages: Layout as per the old site In Cubecart the page space would be narrower and not as tall, maybe smaller images but with a good magnifier if I can find one. Thanks, Brian
  12. Thanks for the quick response. I want to be able to format the view product page with a table based layout containing 8 static images, description and the add to basket link in a different place on the page. If you can tell me which page I would need to alter I could work on a copy of it, remove the stuff I don't want such as the default image and thumbnails and move the bits I want to keep. Thanks, Brian
  13. Hello, when you click on an item in a category it then jumps to the item page with a larger image and thumbnails. How can I alter that behaviour so that it goes instead to a different custom page (within Cubecart) ? (a cube cart document with 8 images displayed) I would want to add the "Add to Basket" button the this new page. Thanks for any suggestions. Brian
  14. Thanks I will do that. On the same topic would it be a work around to remove the image entries in MySQL and then delete them via FTP? Many thanks, Brian
  15. Hello, is it possible to delete images in file manager in a block? I have uploaded a couple of hundred images to the wrong folder, I would like to delete them but it seems only possible to do so one at a time! Many thanks, Brian
  16. Hello, (1) When you click through to a product there are two buttons below the image, Product Information and Specification. I need to be able to either remove the the Specification button or at least be able to remove the lower part of text where it gives condition such as Used New etc. I sell antique violins, new, used or refurbished is not really appropriate. (2) I need to change the "out of stock" messages, again they are not appropriate as I only ever have one of each! Perhaps there is a file somewhere that has all of the cart messages. Any help much appreciated. Brian
  17. Thank you for your prompt reply. I just need the Paypoint payment gateway, I have looked at the Extensions Marketplace but there does no seem to be a search facility? Brian Actually I just found it! One other point, when you click on an item in the cart is it possible to open an exterior page rather than in the same space? Thank you, Brian
  18. Hello, I installed Cubecart a few hours ago and have been setting it up without problems, but now realise I do not have a modules tab! so therefore no payment gateways or shipping. Any suggestions welcome please. Regards, Brian
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