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  1. Hello again, I did try the new code and enabled the debugging but still not working correctly and also no de-bugging info appeared. It is possible there is a problem with my setup that is causing problems.

    I tried a plugin from Havenswift which seems to be a good compromise, it is called "Advanced Sorting" it is a bit clunky but I can pick the items I want to be displayed in "Latest Products" it is not random so it displays what I pick but it is a big improvement on the default method so I will go with that for now.

    What is interesting is that the default behaviour is to pick from the highest to lowest numbers, and not randomly but just in decending order so the only way I could have 3 bows and 3 violins was to make sure their are only 3 bows ticked as latest products, if there were for example 5 bows I would get 5 bows and 1 violin. Very clunky but the plugin from Havenswift is a good workaround for now.

    I appreciate your efforts which may work just fine on someone else's site!

  2. At the moment it is back on the default setup and have only three bows as latest products to force it to pick up three violins! The default takes the Lates Products from the highest number in depending order which is really quite bizarre!

  3. Hi Brian, I applied the updated code, the behaviour has now changed. It now seems static, it has selected the first consecutive three violins that are ticked Latest Product but always the first three. The bows are also static but for some reason only two bows are shown even though several have the Latest Product ticked!

  4. Sorry, one last point, I have disabled it for now as it is also showing items that are out of stock!

    It may be the way I am running the site, I leave the item available for purchase so that it can be seen even though it is sold as its stock level is 0. Maybe that is what is causing the problem.

  5. Brian that now works a treat, much appreciated, thank you so much, just what I wanted.


    One last question, the algorithm does not seem to have any relation to date so if I had marked an item Latest Product 6 months ago it will still display that item, would it be possible to limit the date to say 3 months?


  6. Ok I have found that.

    In add code snippet it asks for: Unique ID, Execution Order, Description (which clear enough) trigger and version. Not sure about Unique ID or Trigger.


    I am an idiot, I just realised that you had kindly included that info at the top of the code!


  7. I don't actually have a link to Admin, under Settings I have Store Settings but no hooks tab. Under Advanced I have Manage Hooks but it does not appear anywhere else.

    My apologies, I have just seen the link. in Code Snippets there is a small link in red Add snippet. 

    So do I change the $cat_1_id = 1; to $cat_1_id = Bows; and $cat_2_id = 2; to $cat_2_id = Violins;

  8. Hi Brian, sorry for the delay in replying. Yes all of the bows are in: Bows, the violins are in Violins but both bows and violins are also in several other categories, for example Fine quality bows, Fine quality violins.



  9. Thank you for your offer of help, much appreciated.

    I have two groups of products: violins which are numbered from 01 - 65 and violin bows which are numbered from 71 - 165.

    What would be ideal is for the selection to be random but an equal number from each group, so x number products from 01 - 65 and the same number from 71 - 165.
    I actually display 6 Latest Products at the present time so this would give me 3 from each group.

  10. Hello, could someone please suggest how I change the algorithm which displays "Latest Products" on my hope page. My stock is numbered from 01 to around 180. The algorithm favours the higher numbers so even though I have some products in say 01 to 59 that I want to appear in Latest Products the algorithm will always pick the 6 highest numbers! so the lower numbers are never displayed unless I take out the Latest Products tick from the highest numbers!

    Any suggestions appreciated!


  11. That is interesting that you managed to get it to work ok! Maybe I have not tested it properly, I do find that you need to clear the Cubecart cache after any changes you make as it always applies what is in the cache regardless of any changes you make.

    This is not urgent as I have found out that I can continue to use margin scheme on all items purchased before Dec. 31st. 2020 and as as that covers most of my stock I am ok for a while. Most of my sales are overseas anyway so zero VAT.


  12. I tried that and yes it does add the VAT but the problem is that it takes no account of the country set in "Tax Rules" which in my case is the United Kingdom, If I do a test purchase from say for example the USA it still adds the VAT which it shouldn't.



  13. Help guys! I need to add 20% VAT to all UK sales. I correctly added a TAX rule in Settings, Taxes but when I run a test purchase from a UK address the VAT is not added!

    What am I missing? My Cubecart version is 6.4.2.

    Any help appreciated.


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