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  1. Have to agree with Havenswift here. I had a similar problem and changed to a recommended hosting company (yes it was Havenswift) and not had the problem again. Its the old adage you pay for what yo get.
  2. Technical idiot here so apologies if I am way off the mark. Is this due to the postage cost/ shipping destination needing an address before the cost of postage can be calculated and therefore the total can not be confirmed hence no button? Where as, with a registered customer the delivery address is automatically there when they are signed in so postage charges are calculated automatically.
  3. Thats great please let me know when it is available
  4. Is there a feature/plugin available where by a customer can add items to a "wish list" and then select which ones to purchase whilst still saving the rest of the items for purchase at a later date.
  5. Hi I have seen a plug in for "Email me when back in stock" for out of stock items. Can anyone steer me in the right direction as can't find it again.....
  6. Thats great, please keep me posted
  7. Is there anyway that there can be a link on the shop where a customer can download a brochure with pictures and details of the products in a PDF format. Please note that I am not technical at all so simple answers please......
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