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  1. Hello, Your advice is needed. How do I configure google adsense script to the cubecart store: www.annagracestores.com? Your step by step guide would be appreciated. Thanks Felix
  2. I have some few clarifications as per your help in the followings: [1] At the end of our cubecart online store [www.dualglobalmobile.biz] there is at the end a stand alone statement on the footer: ' eCommerce by CubeCart' This is a standard and cannot be removed or edited, right? [2] It seems there is a default or automatic item called "Sales Item" on our cubecart online store [www.dualglobalmobile.biz] on the list of products at the homepage. Howe can we remove this item or edit it to our product or item name? [3] In the homepage of our cubecart online store [www.dualglobalmobile.biz], the default images of mobile phones displays have some promotional slogan : "Promotional Message One" and also " Promotional Message Two". How can we remove this promotional items or change or edit it to our slogan? Or does this come default with the default images and cannot be removed? Would appreciate your reply and very grateful. Thanks Felix
  3. Hello, I am bulding an online store powered by cubecart open source software with our domain name [www.dualglobalmobile.biz] I have installed some payment gateway modules and I can see that on the back-end control panel dashboard, but I am not only seeing two of the payment gateway [authorized dot.net and one other on the front-end customer checkout page with the payment gateways but not seeing that of 'CCNow" and "Paypal". Any help?