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  1. IanOffers

    Http 500 on View Basket & Checkout Basket

    Clean installation now applied. http500 errors all gone as are the old mods. Added All In One Shipping and PayPal Standard. Had to re-enter store details, but all DB content is there inc products, sales, customers etc. Site still allows you to add items to the basket without entering any product details (Size/colour) from the "Latest Products" list and the product page. Have created a new product and it allows the same. Not sure how to enforce the product options. SO, have noticed that new Option Groups (ie. Size, Colour etc) not have a "Required" tick box. If I create a new test group and make it required and then assign that option to an item, then clicking "Add to Basket" will give a warning that an option must be selected and take me to the product page. Checked the Database via MyPHPAdmin and found the table that holds the Option Categories. Set the "Required" column to 1 for each category and problems all now fixed :-) Table was `shop_CubeCart_option_group` Happy Man Again ! Ian
  2. IanOffers

    Http 500 on View Basket & Checkout Basket

    I did the upgrade by running the various version update scripts from the CubeCart site. Have now added the "All In One" postage module. Ian Dirty Butter: It seems clicking Add To Basket from the Homepage or Product page allows it to be added to the basket without asking about the product options. I've checked this on an old product that would have been there pre-upgrade, and also on a product added after the upgrade and both are showing the same. Is there a way to do a fresh install of the files, but keep the products, options and Customer/Order history ? Ian
  3. IanOffers

    Http 500 on View Basket & Checkout Basket

    Deleted all subfolders from the modules\shipping folder and all now works. About to go find a new shipping module to use now :-) Thanks for all you help. Ian
  4. IanOffers

    Http 500 on View Basket & Checkout Basket

    Ah, it was probably there from the old CC4 (or CC3) site which was updated recently to the latest version. Let me remove the module and see if that fixes the problem. Will try in the next hour or so. Ian
  5. IanOffers

    Http 500 on View Basket & Checkout Basket

    Hi Thanks for the help, attached is the error log. Looking at the last line, is the problem the Royal Mail shipping module ? Ian error_log
  6. Running the latest version of Cubecart with the Foundation skin. If I add items to my basket, then from the mini-basket select to View the basket or Checkout, I get a http500 error. Any clues on where to start looking ? Site is: http://www.thefifthline.co.uk/shop/ Thanks Ian