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  1. Thank you very much @bsandall @Dirty Butter. I will consider your advice.
  2. Thank you very much @bsandall. If there is no other option would do so. I am currently passing through a script the data I have in a database for the creation of products and could make that change with ease, but it is not appropriate at the level of SEO, since it would duplicate the description of products with Options.
  3. Good Morning. I use 2 user profiles: retailers and end customers. With the normal products I have no problems, but when there are variants, I see that I can only put a price for each option in the matrix. Is there no option to be able to set one price for retailer and another for final customer in the array of options?
  4. Thank you When I have checked that everything is OK, I will start with the skin design and then I will thoroughly review the JS. I am also with other issues and I do not have much time.
  5. Ugh! My javascript is like my English, only that with English, Google helps me I'll analyze it very calmly. I hope to be able to show you soon the advances that I am having and to be able to help in something.
  6. Only a few days ago I started with CubeCart. I still have a lot to know. What you say is very reasonable. The simplest thing is to modify the skin so that it does not show the price, or to take it directly from the matrix. I'm preparing a script for CubeCart to take data from my database directly, and with that I could avoid the possibility of redundancy. I hope to be able to help soon as you are helping me now (even though I hardly speak English)
  7. That is what I had thought to do to solve it. But the problem lies in data redundancy and possible inconsistency. The logical thing would be that in products with options the default price option would be deactivated, and the price of the default option would be displayed. Other applications do not have a product price, but always create at least one option (even if they do it internally)
  8. I think it still lacks a twist to the issue of product options. In sections like "Best sellers", the product comes with its standard price. I guess it's meant to put the default product and add the price difference to the options, but the truth is that it is not the usual work like that. Having a default price and then a different price for each option can create inconsistency in the information that is displayed to the customer. Still, I'm liking CubeCart as an alternative to other products like Prestashop. I'm still in 6.1.6, but I'm still testing. I have to upload many products and I will surely do it directly on the database. I have notified Softaculous of the new update. At the moment I want to know the tool well. I have worked with Magento and Prestashop and needed one that would allow me to handle 2 rates in a simple way. Prestashop does not and Magento is too heavy. Thank you very much for your help.
  9. Hi @Dirty Butter @bsandall, Finally, I have decided to remove the installation and reinstall version 6.1.6 which is the last one that has my Softaculous. I have passed the files to local and I already works well. I hope it does not happen to me when I have it in production. Thank you very much.
  10. Don't work! First, I got an availability message from version 6.1.7 and updated it. Then, I have executed the commands that you indicated to me by changing the names of the tables to those of my database: Affected rows: 1 I have cleared the cache data, but still, I do not see the default check.
  11. I've updated to the latest version and cleared the cache, but it still does not appear to me. Upgrade History VersiĆ³n CubeCart Fecha 6.1.6 Wednesday, 19 April 2017 6.1.5 Friday, 14 April 2017 I have not changed the skin.
  12. Hi @bsandall. I have updated the version and I think it has not been resolved. When I access the product page there is no predefined option, or where I can preset it. If I have a product with 2 options (for example boxes of 30 and 60 units), when accessing the product page, I do not see any of the 2 options pre-marked, and in addition, the price that comes out is the product price (which may be even different to both options). What I said is if there is any way to indicate that when entering the product page, by default, one of the options is marked, and the price is updated to that option. Thank you very much.
  13. It is true! There will be some confusion, so there should be an option for a default format to be selected. Although I have not found it.
  14. Thank you @Dirty Butter. I'm sorry, I'm spanish and my english is not very good! I'm using CC version 6.1.5 with default skin. I have created a product with different variants (serum with 15ml and 50ml format, for example); But when I access the product on the web I do not get marked either of the 2 options. I have made them mandatory and I have to select one, but I get the product with the default price and without marking any of the 2 options. I understand that there should be some place to indicate, for example, by default, the product selected would be 15ml, letting me select the 50ml if it is the one I want. Thank you very much.
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