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  1. That is simply genuis!!! Thank you! thank you! thank you! I had to make this adjustment: /skins/foundation/css/element.css.php, was actually here instead: /skins/foundation/template/element.css.php
  2. I would not have gotten there. THANK YOU!!! I am using foundation mostly out of the box. a couple things like logo size changed but nothing else. How do I check for the jquery-ui?
  3. Ok, I am looking at accordion html stuff. I think I can get this!
  4. Ok that sounds fun, How do I do that?
  5. All the ideas sound great. I am going to work on the second one. Sometimes for myself I am happy to be able to scroll through the list of FAQ's on a site, so that is what I foolishly assume others want to do also. LMAO Thank you for the pointers, I will be back if/when I can not figure out how to do it.
  6. That works really well bsmither! Now is there an easy way to have only the document scroll instead of the entire page? You know so the header stays and the footer stays?
  7. Is it within the scope of the forum to point me in the direction to fiqure out how? I am just lost as to even how to start that. Will it be all in a signle document with hyper links for questions that somehow link to a specific section further down?
  8. Yes, Is that possible with CC?
  9. Thanks, Yes that would work. I was thinking about being able to have just the questions with the answers collapsed, then the user could click the question to open the answer. Funny with tunnel vision I didn't even think about just having a doc in paragraph style with Q & A
  10. How do I create a FAQ style document? I was thinking maybe each question is a product with detail as the answer or something? But I don't see how that would look good at all.
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