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  1. Renamed and tested. Thank you for pointing it out to me, likely I would never have picked that up -Bert
  2. I assume it was the browser cache that was getting me. Tried it just now at work and it is there Thank you for the help and for removing my pic. I will study it to figure out what was insecure about it - for my learning. New questions will be coming, but this one is resolved. For anyone looking this thread over in the future - Favicon works by simply putting the favicon.ico in the store root folder. The code is already present in the store to use it I would like to mark this as resolved, but not sure how..
  3. Hi All. I am new to CC, so far I like it very much. I am starting a new store and SLOWLY getting things setup. Right now I am trying to get my favicon to display on the browser tab. It seems like the code is in main.php and I have a valid .ico in the root directory (I think) Anybody have any suggestions as to where I should look? -Bert
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