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  1. I am not sure what I have done wrong, this still does not seem to work. I have even rebooted my puter. I assume somehow I am not able to "reload resources" I am off to find how to do that. On my laptop I have to press Fn button to get to function keys. When I hit Shift+Fn+F5 I get something that looks like it wants to record something likw a macro or something. I should say I am on Firefox. WORKS PERFECT!!! I had to use CTRL+Fn+F5 Now the images work as described by bsmither. I will say this is a bit tedious and hope it gets fixed in the source soon. But until then bsmither is always awesome!!!
  2. Thank you for your hard work on this. I have not tried the edits yet as I was hoping the issue would be fixed and a new release would be out. I guess that is not going to happen until a few hours after I use your fix. LOL So Today I am working on it. I try not to do too much fixing/customizing of the code so that I can follow all upgrades without any troubles. But this is too big a feature to not take advantage of.
  3. Oh I am sad to hear this. But I assume they will fix it up right quick. This feature will propel CC way ahead of where it is for sure!! I for one can't wait. I already have half my site redesigned in my head just because of this 1 feature!!
  4. First let me say I am SO excited to be able to assign images to options now in version .10 But I am having problems. I see after I save the products an image icon appears in the option list. when I click the icon it opens another popup window telling me to choose the image by clicking the small + in the picture name. When I do this the popup goes away. The image icon remains as an icon. (I thought it would show the image here) when I test it nothing happens. it is as if the image has not been selected or assigned. Am I doing something incorrectly here? Also, can we assign an image to an option in an option set so it gets updated through out the site like when we add an attribute to the set? In other words I have an option set that is all my available colors. It would be great if I could assign color swatches to them in the option set. Then when I assign the option set to a product all the images will be assigned too?
  5. My option reording I mean is in the options for a product. SO when I create a product, and add options, lets say I first add the material option. then I add the frame size. last I add the panel choice. On the product page the option dropdowns will display with material first, the the frame size below it. and finally the panel choice. My question is how do I get the Frame size to be on the top - first option dropdown? The only way I know is to trash all the options and start adding them again, this time add frame size first.
  6. That works just fine and is easy enough for sure. Thanks again Bsmither Last question on this topic. Is there any way to reorder the option groups on the page? I entered my panels first then my frame size. But I would rather have frame size first. The only way I know how to do this is delete all the options and start over on the option tab. Of course with frame size first. Is there a better way?
  7. Don't let the pairs part fool you. The full set of panels actually comes with 14 panels! It is way overkill for what it is used for, but what do I care? folks buy them and I make them If you are suggesting they can simply choose the face and material, add to cart then choose another and add to the cart that would work. IMHO it is not quite as nice for the customer as being able to pick and choose all at once then add to the cart the entire choice. But I think your way is more managable for me. I assume the answer to my question is no we can't clone options. And the answer to if we can have options based on other options is also no?
  8. Maybe I will just do it the way I know how. Eventually I will get finished. For now I will ignore that the price and weight should change based on size. Here is a link to the page if you want to see what I am trying to create. https://dllpdf.com/doom-panels-a-la-carte
  9. I lack a good ability to explain myself well. Thank you for working with me. The intention is for the product to be any number of the available 6 panels. so that would be 6 options. Each of those 6 options need to have their own material. If we leave size off the table for now. I need to create each face as an option, with all the material types available in each face. I tried to figure out how to do it with option sets, but it seemed like it wanted to make all the options have the same group name. But maybe I am doing something wrong there. I will try that again. OK, here is what is happening with option sets. Likely I am not doing something right. I created an option set for each face. then I added attributes to each set from the same set of options, "material type" Then in the product I add each option set to the product in the options tab On my product page I get a single option called material type, and the drop down for it has all the types in it six times. It really seems like the only way to do this is to create an option for each face. I can do that but as I said, it seems like there should be a way to clone an option or better way to fill in the attributes then retyping them for each option. That was my frustration.
  10. specifically here is what I want to do: I offer a set of panels, there are 6 panels. (imagine all 6 sides of a cube). Each panel is different somehow. I offer this for 3 different size machines. So on the product page it is easy, I just have a size option and a material option. I offer different material for 2 of the panels. https://dllpdf.com/doomcube-2-panel-set Now I want to have an "A LA CARTE" listing, where you can buy just any 1 panel, in any of the 6 or 8 materials, for any of the 3 frame sizes. so I started by simply adding an option for each side with all the materials. but then I got frustrated typing all the materials in for each side over and over. Hence why I want to know if I can clone an option. Like create one called back, then create another called door but get the options from back. Then I realized in order to correctly handle the weight and price change I needed to do it 3 times, once for each frame size. Thats when I started thinking about what the options tab was going to look like with 144 options there. Thats when I decided to ask if I am doing it right. And I thought to start with a price of 0, then add to it with each panel chosen.
  11. I want to list a product that would have 6 different options. Each option has the same 8 choices, all 8 choices are the same price and weight addition. As an extra bonus there could be 3 sizes of each. If I were to create all these verbose (as is the only way I have found) That would be a minimum of 48 entries not including the size. So I am wondering if there is a way to clone or otherwise import/export these options? For instance lets say what I have is this: size (choose 1 of 3) part (choose 1 of 6) material (choose 1 of 8 ) the order will consist of 1 size with up to 6 parts all having 1 of 8 material types. The only way I know how to create the listing right now is to create 18 parts in product options( 6 parts in 3 different sizes), then add the material 1 at a time to all 18 parts. then add all 144 product options to the product 1 at a time and assign price and weight as I go. If this is the only way I can do it, just want to be told this is the best we have. I am not sure I can do things like edit any tables or something as direct as that. I can create a spread sheet (where I can at least copy and paste then upload to the store if that is an option. While we are thinking about this, is there a way to have options show or not based on other options? for instance if somebody chooses powder coat as a finish, then shaw a list of powder colors. Or if instead they choose anodize as a finish, show a list of anodize colors?
  12. I have not had a chance to fully test this all out, but it does seem there could be a way to make this work. Still it is not what I was hoping for, but better then nothing.
  13. Thanks B, I am not sure if that sounds like what I want to do, but I assume it is just beyond my understanding. In quickbooks, years ago when I was a user of that I could get a UPS label directly through quickbooks and all the shipping info was there. Are you saying I can do that somehow using the CSV export stuff? Maybe not as seemlessly as Quickbooks did it but at least in some aspect?
  14. It would be VERY helpful if I could somehow integrate pirate ship with my store. I would like to be able to get shipping quotes so my international customers can get a fair and proper quote. Right now I loose sales when they see for instance $400USD to ship to Germany, but it is only $100USD with pirate ship. Assuming this can't be done (either already or by me hiring somebody to do it) is there at least a way to send the shipping info to them so I don't have to copy and paste it all? Or at least be able to send it to UPS maybe? I could not decide if this was tech help or extension talk, so I went with general.
  15. Thanks Amy, It sounds like you are saying I can have variants that differ depending on what option is chosen? If so this sounds very exciting for my future. Right now I want to simply be able to show a color ICON next to the option in the list. So for example if the option is color, I want to have a swatch of the color next to the text. Or even better, have a group of small color blocks that can be chosen instead of a drop down list. This way my customers could just click the color they want and not need to know the name of it.
  16. Thanks to your help Lastwolf, I almost have this working. But it seems there are a bunch of images of the same that I guess are different sizes. Cubecart seemed to create these. Then the name has for instance : image.105.jpg image.300.jpg and so on. So I thought I would just add the name in the lines without the size and the CSS would grab the right one. But unless I add the size, it does not display. So does this sound correct to you? And if so, this just means I am coding the size in for the thumbs and the big picture?
  17. Thank you, I will try and test this tonight!! I assume I just put this in the "source" tab. So href and src both point to the same image correct? Do I repeat the entire ul section for a new row of thumbs? Are the two classes : medium-block-grid-3... and image-gallery defined somewhere other in the site source code? Sorry to ask so many questions, I am a fast learner but ask seemingly 100's of questions to get there. So far my biggest accomplishment is the drop downs I made using collapseable css based on bsmither pointing me in the correct direction.
  18. I am using default foundation skin. That sounds like a great idea, I just don't know where to start to find that. As a stop gap I have created a product called frame color and am linking it from the product pages that need it. But it is cumbersome at best.
  19. What I want to do is create a document that has color swatches of all current in stock colors. I want them to be smallish, like big thumbnails but clickable to show a bigger picture of it. Can someone help me to do this?
  20. While I did not find an easy way to do this really, I did discover option sets. It seems to me this gives me the ability to add to the set and it will get added to everything that uses the set. So that works fine for what I need. It would be really cool if we could attach a small icon to the attribute such as a color swatch, but that is likely way too much I assume.
  21. I am not sure if that can be done or not. But I don't think we could have a chat conversation that way. Maybe the simplest thing is to just put my Discord info up static. then people could at least get me that way if they wanted. I will consider the invite link to join the server, but they are not my servers so I am not certain that would be ok. I will have to ask the admins first. Again thanks for the help.
  22. I suppose it could, but what I was hoping to do was be able to let someone DM me directly. Sort of like an old school AOL IM. I don't do tweeter/FB/instagram/...
  23. I have several products that all have the same color options. The colors are being updated often. The issue is I miss some of the products when updating the colors. I have already decided to create a document displaying the colors instead of adding now pics to each product. Now I want to find a better way for the customers to pick the color. In my limited coding mind, I want the option to be from a pick list drop down, that the list comes from a master list that I can keep up to date. Does this question make sense? Sometimes I leave out vital information because I know what I want to do, but get tongue tied trying to type it out.
  24. Thanks B, it would seem that I may not be able to do what I want anyway. I have yet to find a way to provide a direct link to be able to DM me on Discord unless you are a Discord member, or something like that. So I guess this will not be resolved despite your awesome help and example. On the bright side, I did learn a little more
  25. it would not hurt for sure. I was gonna try to see if looking at the existing code helped. But surely easier to get a head start.
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