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  1. Never mind, I found the setting. It's under Store Settings -> Stock -> Digital Products. Left both blank for unlimited downloads and unlimited time.
  2. Dirty Butter: This edit is already there in my lt-LT.xml file. So, apparently it has no impact. Bsandall: Thank you for willing to raise this issue on GitHub for me. And thank you guys for your willingness to help. I have one more issue, with which maybe you could help me. My shop sells downloadable files. Those files are limited in how many times you can download them (which is 10 and which is fine with me) and how long it will stay accessible to the customer, which to my understanding is 8 hours. And 8 hours is not enough for me, I would like to make it longer, 5 days, for instance. I didn't find any setting to change it. Do you know, how to do it?
  3. I tried now creating another administrator, logged in with him and set dashboard language to lithuanian. Opened a new browser private window and tried to register a new user. No changes. When the new user is created, his default language changes into English.
  4. There was no translation, so I translated it. You can click in the Administrator panel top right corner, where it says Welcome back "Your Name." There you can choose your administrator default language. I have 2 options here: English (UK) and Lithuanian. Mine is set to English, because the terms are less confusing to me.
  5. I do not know why it thinks that, but in the Store Settings>General tab it is definitely Lithuanian. Country Lithuania and default language Lithuanian. My dashboard is in English though, might this be a problem?
  6. I did as you suggested and it says: '__admin' => 'user_language' => en-GB
  7. No, sorry, I deleted my previous post, where I said, that it is gone, for it is not gone! I just looked at the things that are translated into Lithuanian, like descriptions of the books, and thought it is gone, while on a second glance I noticed that it is still there!
  8. I am using Kurouto skin. On its webpage it says: This is the Kurouto skin for CubeCart v5 which is also compatible with CubeCart v6. Thank you for your willingness to help me.
  9. Hi, folks, I am new to Cubecart and I see it as a great software. The (small) issue I have is that my native site is not English it is Lithuanian. There was no language pack for that, so I have translated most of the language strings myself. All that is fine and works. So, the default language is Lithuanian on my site. However, when a new customer registers, the language changes automatically into English and I want it to stay in Lithuanian. Of course, customer can change that back into Lithuanian but why it changes into English in the first place? How can I change that? My site is here: