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  1. Thank you so much for your replies - I think I will take up your offer in the New Year for sure after my Christmas rush is over.
  2. When a customer gets as far as clicking to pay, but then abandons paying, a pending order is created and Cubecart still puts the download links for digital products in the customer's Digital Downloads area. I have many customers come back to me saying they can't download their order (not realising it's because they haven't paid), and this becomes quite confusing for the customer. I've just been explaining this to them in the past, but it's getting quite frequent. Old versions of Cubecart didn't put the download links in their account until a successful payment was received. Is there a setting I have missed somewhere, or is there any way for these download links not to appear until payment is actually received? (currently running version 6.2.2 because Daren from Semperfi used to do my updates and I'm too scared I'll stuff something up if I try to do upgrades myself
  3. Did anyone ever find a fix for this? I am having exactly the same issue (on CC6.1.8) when entering an email address mailing list subscription box in the footer - after clicking the "Subscribe" button, I get a screen scroll up, no information/error messages, and no e-mail added in the mailing list on admin side.
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