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  1. Register button not working

    Hello again guys. So finalising the site and decided to do a full run through and noticed that the register button isnt working. It shows errors when I first click it however after entering all the information name email etc the form wont submit. Just wondering if its something ive changed by accident. Not sure if its validating the email correctly however it was working but now doesnt. What files are directly related with the register page that could cause issues. Im wondering if its one of the classes in the template folder? Thanks
  2. Right so I fixed the issue by rattling my brain for hours. It turns out Paypal doesn't like you using a sandbox account email address if there is live equivalent!!! Paypal sandbox allows you to setup any test email on signing up. I have my live email hathead1990@hotmail.com for example and a sandbox account with the same email. After changing my test email to a different one and setting this in the papal extension under the admin panel my orders are now processing accordingly. and the system is working as it should.
  3. That commit sorted the error I was getting with a csrf when customers came back to my site from Paypal once they have made a payment however hasn't sorted the issue with payments not changing to processing. I will contact the hosting company and see if they can shed any light onit. Thanks
  4. Thankyou for clarifying that however what happens if the gateway isnt automatically changing the order status to pending. You still have the same problem of having to manually check via paypal to see the response code. This is like my case. The status never changes from pending however checking the Paypal IPN history reports status as 200. I might just have o resort to a different gateway then PayPal! Thanks
  5. The email isnt the problem! The point is that regardless of any emails, somebody could click the secure checkout button then click the cancel and return to site and the payment pending order has already been created at this point in the admin section!!!
  6. Hello again, Just noticed another quite major flaw with the Paypal standard plugin. If a customer clicks on the secure checkout from the checkout page cubecart directs them to Paypal as it should. However the admin panel orders page is automatically updated to show that a payment is pending even though the customer hasnt even logged into Paypal or paid. This potentially means admins are logging into the admin panel without checking if a payment has actually been made on paypals end and changing the order to complete and then delivering the products! Should the IPN be updating the admin back end this quick? Thought it was a problem with the plugin at first, but after reinstalling the problem still occurred. I only spotted it trying to created a hook so pending emails are send out to customers. Please advice Thanks
  7. Yes everything looks correct and im getting the response code 200 and delivery status as sent!
  8. Tell me about it. I tried what you suggested with the .htaccess file but no luck. However ive fixed the issue with abit of a bodge for now. I have changed the return url in the gateway.class file located in the modules/paypal folder to redirect.php which I created in the root directory. In this file I have a redirect to index.php?_a=complete This sorts the issue and the CSRF error is never shown just the order confirmation. I suppose its some sort of a fix <?php echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;URL=index.php?_a=complete\">"; ?> To rub salt in the wound tho. The payment status is always pending when in fact on PayPals end it is complete
  9. Thought that also but no changed that before hand. At the minute im trying to get around it by having a refresh happen on the page as soon as im redirected back to the site!!!
  10. Also checked the IPN history on Paypal and everything seems fine. Delivery status = sent and response code 200
  11. Was actually just about to try that Tested in Live and still the same issue Just a note as well. I have tried removing the ampersand from the php config file as suggested on a previous post
  12. Hi there, Previous to my last topic regarding the cross-site forgery request issue. #1637 I fixed the issue by reinstalling cube cart as after every suggestion it wouldn't let me login to the admin panel. Now I am facing the same issue which is frustrating. When I place an order via PayPal (Sandbox) and I am redirected back to my site the CSRF error is shown. I have to manually refresh the page to show the order details. Like previous I have tried a fresh installation of Cubecart without any changes and the same error happens. I have tried clearing all the caches, sessions, clearing my web browser, even tho this error is happening on multiple browsers. I am running the latest PHP version and Latest Cubecart version. I am using the standard Paypal extension plugin. located here https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/paypal-standard I have thought well I could add a refresh to the page with php and add this to the redirect page however this defeats the object. I am wondering if the error is something to do with PayPal and the error lies with the token not being passed back correctly. Cubecart is such a good platform aside from these little issues. Thankyou in advance
  13. Thankyou I managed to get it working by reinstalling cubecart and then uploading my backup files to the server. Everything seems ok now. However the error still persists not on the admin login but when a sandbox payment is made with Paypal and are redirected back to the site. I have to manually refresh the page for it to show the purchase details! Thanks
  14. I think I changed the cookie directory within SSL and then this error message came up. Is there any way to manually change the cookie directory via a php file?
  15. Downloaded directly from cube-carts website. I am wondering if somehow clearing the cache has messed something up. I did come across a post by yourself after a Google search suggesting to add the sessions folder and custom file to the root directory however still no luck. Is there any way to disable this so I can at least get into the admin panel for now? Thanks