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  1. Hi Brian, Thanks for the reply, the only issue is that the membership fee includes postage for Australia and NZ. I need to somehow add the international fee for those members that live elsewhere. I don't want to create a separate "international" membership as I can guarantee that people will click on the wrong membership type. Take care, Andrew
  2. G'day All, I a setting up a shop for an historical society that has an annual membership. As part of the membership dues they mail out two journals per year, the dues include local postage, they also have an eMembership option where those journals are sent electronically. I have setup the eMembership as a digital product and would like to set up the postal Membership as a digital product as well. The problem is the international postage costs need to be somehow charged. They charge a flat $20 rate. Is there a way I can add this cost to international membership using the digital platform?
  3. HI mate, Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have access to the mod, but if you still have it I am game. Take care, Smithy
  4. HI Guys, Sorry to resurrect this old chestnut, but I have searched high and low and haven't found a fix. I am running Mican Blue on the latest update 6.29. Is there anyway to have tabs in the product page similar to the foundation skin running on the Mican Skin? I.E. the Product Information and Specification Tabs. Thanks in advance, Smithy
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