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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will probably have to go for something similar to option 2, though I might edit the main image to show RRP rather than edit the description. Kenneth
  2. Is it possible to display RRP and Selling Price? I know it is possible to do something similar with Sale Price, but this is not actually a sale. We sell some items at less that the retail price, but would like to show the RRP as well as our price as standard (i.e. not as a sale price). I have searched the plugins and cannot see anything that looks suitable. Does anyone know if this is possible? Kenneth
  3. My 1st ecommerce site

    I had never created an ecommerce site before, so this was an interesting journey. I looked at a few carts before choosing cubecart. The site is https://www.thetileco-online.co.uk/ I took a copy of the foundation skin and modified it a bit. Thanks to all who have contributed to the great info on this forum for showing me how to do the vast majority of the mods that I wanted to do. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Kenneth