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  1. In the majority of cases payments will go via a third party before it arrives in the account of the service/product provider. The usual process (simplified) is that it comes out of the customers credit card account, goes via central clearing (third party) to the providers bank. Most companies are using a third party to get the money from the customer to themselves, as the majority of credit card companies use third party processors.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will probably have to go for something similar to option 2, though I might edit the main image to show RRP rather than edit the description. Kenneth
  3. Is it possible to display RRP and Selling Price? I know it is possible to do something similar with Sale Price, but this is not actually a sale. We sell some items at less that the retail price, but would like to show the RRP as well as our price as standard (i.e. not as a sale price). I have searched the plugins and cannot see anything that looks suitable. Does anyone know if this is possible? Kenneth
  4. My 1st ecommerce site

    I had never created an ecommerce site before, so this was an interesting journey. I looked at a few carts before choosing cubecart. The site is https://www.thetileco-online.co.uk/ I took a copy of the foundation skin and modified it a bit. Thanks to all who have contributed to the great info on this forum for showing me how to do the vast majority of the mods that I wanted to do. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Kenneth