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  1. I presume that you are putting your images in the list on your homepage. My images are 780 x 450 and I think that I have just added style information e.g. <li><img alt="Whatever You Want" src="/images/source/Slider_Folder_Name/Slider_Image_Name.jpg" style="width:780px;height:450px;" title="Whatever You Want" /></li>
  2. When you go to Export Catalogue do you see a table with Export Format, Cubecart; Download Parts, 1 (or more (1, 2 etc.) depending how many products); Export URL, Link to URL. Have you clicked the number below Download Parts to get the file to download? This should have headers in it. Though even if I click on the URL link this also shows headers for me.
  3. The nav line is in the version of foundation that I copied from. It is still showing in the latest 6.2.0 version. Yes they will need closing at the bottom right before the {/if}
  4. I have <div class="sticky"> in box.navigation.php above the <nav class="top-bar ... and then at the end of the nav line I have added data-options="sticky_on: medium,large" <div class="sticky"> <nav class="top-bar category-nav" data-topbar="" id="box-navigation" data-options="sticky_on: medium,large"> I don't remember putting anything else in for this. It doesn't show until the navbar is at the top of the screen. The site that I have used it is https://www.vandatiles.co.uk/ Regards Kenneth
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