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  1. Modify Language Flags

    Awesome, awesome. Worked like a charm! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Modify Language Flags

    Hi there, I am trying to change the language flags found at the top of the page. I have modified the .PNG image in the \language\flags folder, cleared the browser cache and clear the CubeCart Cache, but the old flags still appear. The language is good, but I want to show a Canadian and Mexican flag instead of UK and Italy. Everything else is awesome and just tweaking now! Any ideas? Thanks, Maurice
  3. How to Restore Downloaded Backup Data

    Hiya Harris, Yea, that's what I though too. However on the new store there are no backups yet. I need to Restore to the new (empty) store the Backup I made from the original store. Perhaps I need to upload the Original store backup I downloaded onto the new store and Restore. Basically I am wanting to Restore into a blank store from downloaded backup files. Ideas? Thanks, Maurice
  4. Hi there, I have a new CubeCart store.. Love It! I have set it all up and it is all good so far. I did a fresh CubeCart install in a different domain and I am trying to duplicate it from the original. I have performed the Back up of the Files and the Databases from within the CubeCart Maintenance/Backup page on the original. This created 2 files which I have downloaded. The question is: How to I Restore this data to the new CubeCart location? I need to restore from the downloaded Backup files. Basically I want to two identical stores and start different edits, logos and products on the second one. The first store layout is great. Looking forward to a solution. I have tried to do searches on Restore, but to no avail. Ideas? Thanks a bunch, Maurice