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  1. I'll give that a try ... Worse case scenario is it has to stay as it is. Thank you!
  2. Sorry! Image 2 is actually the top image as it uploaded!!! It's the top image I'd like to achieve - everything in line.
  3. Dare I ask? I haven't started a new topic because it's a "silly" request. My client is asking if the basket at the top right of the screen can be lined up as per image 2 attached?
  4. That's perfect! Thank you. Also; thank you for the heads up on image sizing ... because now I presume I'll need a larger source image to have that larger image display on a mouse click/tap? I can't help thinking that it's a great pity that knowledge such as yours about the image handling in general couldn't be added to the Help section on the actual software Finally; if I may ... how do I space out the images in this same skin for a mobile screen - please see attached. As times before, thank you very much!
  5. Hi Graham It's a fudge Graham, my client is happy to use three shipping methods: FREE To Collect FREE On Orders Over £30 Standard Delivery Per Order £2.99 the vast majority of the craft items she sells are small and easily posted. I hope this helps! Bryan
  6. Hi Can anyone help with this please? Cubecart 6.2.5 Skin: e-sharp When I call up a product on my PC that has multiple images the hover-zoom function does not work .. the zoom square appears but it is not zoomed. When I do the same on my iPhone 6 the main image appears as do the the additional images that are uploaded for that product ... but I cannot enlarge the main image nor can I view any of the secondary images because a non-working zoom box appears on top of them. Please see attached photos. URL is https://www.nativasbuxton.co.uk/Webshop/shoes/candles-burners-etc/incense-holder.html If needs be I'd be happy to lose the "zoom" feature altogether just leaving the customer to choose what image they want to view. Thank you in anticipation! Bryan.
  7. Hi Ian Good idea! I use StatCounter instead of Google for my clients as Google is just so involved I think it loses the plot with too much info. I'll look at the skin. Thank you! Bryan.
  8. Hi How can I add analytics code other than Google?
  9. Hi Can I stop the Gravatar/avatar image appearing beside a customer review? See image
  10. Thank you very much for that in-depth reply. Much appreciated! Bryan
  11. Thanks for your reply. I'm using sub-total based shipping and only in the UK so I have no zones set up. No text field exists on my screen other than "Method/description" in which I have entered "Postage & Packing" Any other thoughts?
  12. Hi I'm using this excellent module but it adds it's name to the shipping description on the invoice etc. Should it? Can I stop it? Please see image. Thank you Bryan.
  13. Hi, Is it possible from the Admin CP to: 1). Add a new / edit an existing an order status 2). Change the wording that appears onscreen when an order has been placed. Example of wording: Many thanks for your order! Payment has been received and your order is now being processed.
  14. Good Morning How do I stop cubecart from showing updates are available please? I just want to stay with 6.2.5 and not have my users or myself informed of updates. Thank you Bryan
  15. Thanks LKW .... it's certainly an option!
  16. Ah, right! Then can I please vote for the ability to add a file as I described as a new feature in the next upgrade? I'm surprised a third party needs to be involved at a cost to meet this very simple need :-) Thank you. Bryan.
  17. Hi, I can add an image(s) to a product with a few mouse clicks but I cannot find a way of attaching a file - say a PDF - to a product other than using a link in the Description text editor which requires a URL. I can upload files to the Public folder but how do I link to them in a simple way? Thank you. Bryan.
  18. Thank you bsmither! Lots of trials, mostly errors :-) but I got there in the end!
  19. Hi bsmither I'm sorry to be a pain - and I don't know if asking this is possible as I'm a bit of a dinosaur and not used to Forums and the etiquette involved - but is it possible for you to make the second changes to the attached dashboard.index.inc file as every time I try I break it! I made the changes in the first part of your instructions to remove the Recent Marketplace Extensions and saved that; great! But I cannot make the second part work to remove News & Announcements. Thank you in hopeful anticipation. Bryan. dashboard.index.inc.php
  20. Hi, am I permitted to comment out/remove the News & Announcements Latest Topics section on the Dashboard and if so - how please? Thank you. Bryan.
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