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  1. Awesome, even if i can only have the NO or Not Available option for painted only available i would be fine with that. I did see the car Year/Make/Model plugin but wasn't sure if it could be customized to what i am trying to accomplish. I will look into that more. I looked at the Absolute Matrix and wasn't impressed with how it displayed on the store front. Ideally i think i would like to be able to have a parent option where depending on the option that is chosen will load a different 'set' of child options.
  2. Hello, I am trying to setup a craft store with cubecart 6.1.10. I need to find a way to have product options available only if a product option is selected. Example: item is porcelain doll parts, available in "OPTION-1" and "OPTION-2". I need to offer the option to have it painted before shipping but only if they choose OPTION-2. If they choose OPTION-1 i would like to have the painted option hidden or greyed out so that they can't select it. I am using a modified version of Foundation default skin, modified to our colors mostly at the moment. Any other downloaded skins do snow show radio buttons for me. Is there a trick to getting this to work or a plugin that is available to make this happen? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. well here is something i just discovered: When i change the url from the IP to localhost, everything works as expected. when using anything other than localhost i have cart issues. even from a different machine.
  4. I have done a clean install of 6.1.10 downloaded less than 12 hours ago from the site. i am currently running locally from my computer to demo/test it out to see if the features will work for me. Upon install, blank configuration with the sample data. I have followed the steps in the welcome video, added a paypal payment gateway, added the free shipping module. configured a single product of my own. when browsing the store front and attempting to add a product to basket I get a page within a page (like an iframe) starting inside from the logo and nothing is added to basket. Below are my server details I was really hoping this would be the solution I was looking for. MAMP 4.2 on OSX 10.12.6 Apache 2.2.32 PHP 7.0.20 mod_rewrite enabled MySQL 5.6.35
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