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  1. Paul Snow

    Pricing of Goods

    Keat, Thank you. I shall have a look.
  2. Paul Snow

    Pricing of Goods

    Hi All I know this is fairly simple but I am new to CubeCart. Could anyone suggest the right plugin/extension for me (or the method of how to achieve the following if it is already built in). My product is canvas prints of various images, currently each image is a product, and I will sell them in various sizes. There are four categories, waterfalls, trees, scenery etc. I would therefore like to put "From £xxx" or something like it the homepage selection grid/featured etc but vary the price dependant upon the size in the image's specific page options dropdown. I can do this the longhand way of assigning each product a specific option but would also like to incorporate a bulk update facility to specific sizes. Any suggestions? Thanks in anticipation Paul