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  1. OK, so if I do not define any allowed zone, then all countries are allowed to use Paypal?
  2. Is it necessary to define allowed zones with PayPal Payment Standard? If I leave it as is, all countries will be allowed zones?
  3. Thanks, almost perfect.. Two issues still: 1. In "Featured product" box both prices (sale and retail) are of the same size and both are non-strike-through 2. If there is a discounted product among the "Latest products" block on home page, there is one empty space of one product (right below the discounted one) However the discounted prices here are displayed here as it should (different size, one strike through, one normal) It seems very complicated to me (to understand this .price, .price_sale, .price_previous thing), so I reverted back to the original one for now
  4. Hi, I'd like to know how I could increase the size of the price of products on individual product pages. I have been trying to modify the related css, but somehow it doesn't produce the required result (it is mixed up with the discounted price) Cubecart v6, eTone skin
  5. OK, I have realized that I made one small typo in the url, now it works. Thank you for helping me.
  6. HI, Yesterday I have finished my Cubecart site, and I have moved it from a subfolder to the root following the advices which I read in this forum. The migration was smoothless, I could access both the admin area and the main site. However today when I wanted to log in, the website produced a 404 error. I have realized through ftp that Cubecart changed the admin url. I tried the new url. No success. I tried with and without slash, and with /index.php. No success. I can see the that the admin folder and its files physically exist, so I'm completely stalled here. The main site however works without any problems. Could someone help me?
  7. Thank you for your reply, but in the meantime I managed to get it to work (actually this line: <script src="{$STORE_URL}/skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/js/vendor/jquery.bxslider.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> had to be placed a few lines up in main.php)
  8. Hi, I'm wondering how you could manage to get bxslider to work on this template? I'm trying to do the same as advised here earlier, but nothing happens. I did the same modifications on this e-tone template without any success.
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