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  1. Hi @bsmither, just CC Security Suite, with Send email alert on untrusted login ticked and Only allow trusted IP addresses to login * left unticked. The log suggests that the email has been sent - but is not appearing at the destination. I have it set as PhP Mail Function, the SMTP test fails to load. Is it likely that it is being treated as spam and rejected before appearing at the final destination ?
  2. Hallo, I receive an admin alert email when I logon, and also when I press the " test" button in advanced settings ( despite getting the message "Test failed to execute") - but am not receiving anything when I place an order. ( Which makes selling digital downloads difficult!) I've checked the spam folder. Everything was fine until I updated and accidentally deleted the admin file. ( Yes, I'm a numpty) To rectify , I've tried unistalling and re-installing and deleteing all of the cc entries in the database - three times now to no avail. Could any of you please help point me in the right direction ?
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